Coalition for October Debate Alternatives debate

Below is the complete video of the Coalition for October Debate Alternatives presidential debate held Monday at Vanderbilt University. Presidential candidates Charles Jay, Gloria La Riva, Bradford Lyttle, Frank McEnulty, and Brian Moore, and vice presidential candidate Darrell Castle, participated in the forum. The Nashville Tennessean reported on the debate on Tuesday.

12 thoughts on “Coalition for October Debate Alternatives debate

  1. Robert Milnes

    Ok, I rapidly lost interest when I could barely see & hear them. I’m not an audio/video tech but…Get camera closer for group & second camera closeup on speaker. maybe even a third to get participant & audience reactions. triangular table would allow camera to get all in closer & participants more facing each other. Overhead mike PLUS user mike. Isn’t this down yet? Jeeeez.

  2. JimDavidson

    The video quality on the original RealPlayer feed, using its native client, is better. Here is the link to that stream:

    Ross suggests that not much press coverage followed. Quite a lot in Nashville, though. And, of course, zero is so much better for Barr, because he’s a former CIA agent, and zero is the level of their intelligence, according to the book _Legacy of Ashes_.

    Here are some links Charles posted on news coverage of the debate:


  3. JimDavidson

    Yes, you wouldn’t want them to sit that close together. Bob Barr cannot be seen near Cynthia McKinney, of course.

    I guess my multi-link post got filtered.

    See for a large list of links to newsstories Charles Jay found just a few hours after the event.

  4. songster7

    Technically, it sucked; I haven’t looked at the video yet, but a sound engineer’s nightmare was engendered by that wireless mike technique (you’re supposed to either fix it to your lapel (cf. talkshows), or have a headset (cf. my church and its minister). Every one of them had trouble finding the right distance to hold it at. (I had hoped they would hold back the release of the tape until they fixed all that; apparently not so much, even in Music City … so ashamed …

    Nevertheless, if you could hang in and listen, CJ blew them all away, and got the biggest applause of the night for his “marriage” comments.

  5. JimDavidson

    I would love to have a version of this video with just Charles.

    On the sound and video, it is very much like high school video club. And this university is named after Vanderbilt. One would think they might have a few dollars to rub together.

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