Minor party candidates in Oregon

If you notice any errors, please list them in the comments. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments. If you want to compile a list for your own state, please post it in the comments. Thanks to commenter Fanta for both this list and and the Alaska list.

Another note: The Pacific Green Party is the state affiliate of the Green Party. And Ralph Nader is an independent, but he is listed on this state ballot as part of the Peace Party.

President (statewide, nationwide race):
Ralph Nader, Peace
Cynthia McKinney, Pacific Green
Bob Barr, Libertarian
Chuck Baldwin, Constitution

US Senate (statewide):
Dave Brownlow, Constitution

US House (Find your district here):
-District 1: Chris Henry, Pacific Green
Scott Semrau, Constitution
H. Joe Tabor, Libertarian
Joel Haugen, Independent
(No Republican running)
-District 2: Tristin Mock, Pacific Green-District 3:
-District 3: Michael Meo, Pacific Green
-District 4: Mike Beilstein, Pacific Green
Jaynee Germond, Constitution
(No Republican running)
-District 5: Steve Milligan, Libertarian
Douglas Patterson, Constitution
Alex Polikoff, Pacific Green

Secretary of State (statewide):
Seth Allan Wooley, Pacific Green

Treasurer (statewide):
-Michael Marsh, Constitution

Attorney General (statewide):
-J. Ashlee Albies, Working Families
-Walt Brown, Pacific Green
James Leuenberger, Constitution
(No Republican running)

State Representative (Find your district here):
-District 4: Keith Wangle, Independent
-District 5: Pete Belcastro, Independent
-District 26: Marc Delphine, Libertarian
-District 29: Terry Rilling, Independent
-District 36: Jay Ellefson, Libertarian
-District 42: Chris Extine, Pacific Green
(Many of these districts only have one other candidate running)

County Offices:
-Curry County Co-Commissioner: Larry Prestininzi, Independent
-Curry County Co-Commissioner: Dave Kitchen, Independent
-Polk County Co-Commissioner: Don Homuth, Independent (No Democrat in the race)

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