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Socialist Presidential candidate Brian Moore interviewed in The New Republic

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Excerpt of interview:

Barack Obama and John McCain have been called socialists for their support of the bailout. But Moore, the Socialist Party USA’s presidential nominee, really is one, and his feelings are hurt.

With all the accusations of socialism flying around, it seemed like a good time to check in with Brian Moore, the Socialist Party USA presidential nominee. As Moore himself observed, socialism has been in the news more in the past few weeks “than anytime since 1932.” Over the course of two recent afternoons, I conducted a hard-hitting phone interview with the 65-year-old candidate who spoke to me from his home in Tampa, Florida, and from the Fox News green room, where he was preparing to tape one of his recent Neil Cavuto interviews.

The New Republic: You’ve appeared twice over the past month on Fox News. Wouldn’t it be more socialist to appear on a viewer-funded station like PBS?

By all means! But Fox is the only one that’s offered. You know why I went to Cuba [in 2006]? Because NPR sponsored a debate between Ben Nelson and Katherine Harris. I said, “Wait a minute, I’m a candidate, why can’t I participate?” I decided I’d go to Cuba and get my freedom of press there. I held a press conference. CBS and the AP covered it. Ralph Nader loves that story. He talks about it to this day.

Well, on Fox, Neil Cavuto has leveled some really nasty charges against you and your organization. How does it feel to be called Swedish?

Ironically, a few days before the interview, the head of the new left national party in Sweden endorsed me.

So Cavuto really called you out?

He was right on!

Are you distressed that the word “socialist” is being taken away from you and your party, and that the big, capitalist parties are now being called socialists, too?

Well, of course. It’s just not true. Barack Obama is not a socialist. His party is a capitalist party. They voted for the bailout. They’re both capitalist parties.

Do you think socialism is going to become less of a dirty word over the course of the recession/depression?

Yes. This is a watershed moment. There will be systemic change because of the collapse of capitalism. My job is to remind the public of the rich tradition that socialism has–the 40 hour work week, women’s rights. We were stung temporarily by the Cold War and Stalinism, but we need to get back in the mindset of educating people that it’s okay to be a socialist.

You need to start with Neil Cavuto.

I think he’s moving. During my last interview, he said, “Brian, I think you’re right. The ship has sailed.”

Read the rest at TNR.

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