4 thoughts on “Socialist presidential candidate Moore appears on Fox News

  1. Mike Gillis

    Moore’s not my choice of candidate, but Cavuto comes across like a real prick here.

    He clearly has no interest in having a discussion or debate or even in hearing what Moore wants to say. He simply cuts the guy off in the middle of every sentence, gets half of a response before cutting him off again.

    Most of the time, he doesn’t even let the guy fully answer a question before cutting him off again.

    His purpose is clearly that he just wants to line the guy up and destroy a strawman on TV, rather than get an unusual perspective for his viewers.

    I can’t imagine he’d ever treat a major party candidate like that.

  2. Jeremy Young

    Random thought somewhat related to Moore: for all the proliferation of left-wing parties in this country, I really think there are two general centers of organization moving forward. The first is generally leftist/socialist in nature; the second is doctrinaire Marxist. The first is best represented by Ralph Nader; the second, now by Gloria La Riva.

    If the leftist parties knew what was good for them, they’d heal their divisions and divide into two clear-cut camps around these movements.

  3. Jeremy Young

    To clarify, this isn’t intended as a slight on Moore. For a poor speaker and generally genial fellow, he’s done a heck of a job this cycle. But just look at what’s happening to ballot access for these folks. Moore’s doing worse than the 2004 nominee did. The SWP is mired in a semi-permanent decline. The real organization is happening with La Riva, who’s built a party out of nothing, with Nader, and also with McKinney, but I predict she won’t run again.

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