Israeli war ship rams boat carrying McKinney, others

In a post at Green Party Watch, Ronald Hardy reports on an attack on the Dignity, a small vessel carrying human rights activists to the Gaza strip. Included amongst the passengers is 2008 Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney.

The ship, carrying medical supplies, was rammed in international waters, and forced to port in Tyre, Lebanon. Fox news covers the story here and Al Jazeera has a video report here

22 thoughts on “Israeli war ship rams boat carrying McKinney, others

  1. Karole Noymann

    They should have watched the 1960 movie “Exodus”. If they really had the courage of their convictions they would have gone on a hunger strike, scuttled their ship, or even blown themselves up (that would really have gotten the media’s attention, and done more to aid the Palestinian cause than all the rockets fired on Israel).

    But then, we’re talking about Cynthia McKinney. She probably didn’t want to get her hair messed-up.

  2. johnlowell

    What was the name of the American ship that the Israeli navy sunk during the Seven Day War? You know, the one for which the Johnson Administration sat traitorously still?

    Is there no violence by this nation that is off limits? They would seem to be so exempt from the constraints of any kind of law that they are in a class by themselves. Constantly kvetching about Iranian nuclear development they conceal the existence of their own nuclear capacity and are held to absolutely no international standard thereon.

    While still very much intact, a significant leak has sprung in recent years in the system that makes this very exceptional status of Israel possible. When the American people find themselves faced with nuclear war as a consequence of their government’s uncritical support of this nation – and that could happen soon rather than later when it comes to the Georgia/Russia contretemps owing to Israeli interests there – maybe enough attention will be paid to the ownership of Congress to put an end to this on-going outrage.

  3. Steven R Linnabary

    I used to get very annoyed when the media whore Jesse Jackson would come to town. It seemed as though he knew when TV camera lights would come on.

    And then it dawned on me that the TV cameras probably wouldn’t be there had Rev. Jackson not been there. Maybe the fact he was in town to put the spotlight on a local problem was what brought the cameras and other media attention.

    I know that I would probably be unaware of the “Dignity” and it’s mission had Ms. McKinney not been there to put the spotlight on the mission.

    It’s easy to mock a leader from the comfort of your home. But a leader draws attention from media, followers and others. Not the other way around.


  4. Deran

    The Israeli government has no shame; zero. At least as long as the US gov and MSM give them a pass on every atrocity and war crime they commit.

  5. Catholic Trotskyist

    Right again, John. The USS Liberty was a crime. It is sad that so many Christians feel they must support Israel just because of the biblical nation of Israel.

  6. Gene Trosper

    I have a LOT of respect for Cynthia McKinney for actually standing up for her beliefs. It mean, getting rammed by an Israeli Navy boat is pretty damn serious (and scary I assume. the IDF is not known for being shrinking violets, Rachel Corrie is a prime example of that).

  7. Gene Trosper


    It’s not just the Christians, though I believe they actually constitute the majority here in the USA who support the State of Israel.

  8. Catholic Trotskyist

    At 12, yes, I am awhere of that, of course. I was commenting about Johnlowell’s comment, because he is a strong Catholic and, like me, probably has to deal with a lot of hate from other Catholics and Christians who are protective of Israel.

  9. It's Official

    the Deform Party USA news letter and blog died of inside manuvering of the shadowy Israel First cabal with in the Deform Party of California! [John Blare, John Bambey, John Dennis Coffey, and Valli Sharpe Geisler!] The issue, publishing a USS Liberty article! [Not hearsay, saw it happen first hand, eh, um, ah ear?]

  10. Rev. J. W.Pergament, D.D.

    Anti-Semitism always appears, no matter how cleverly hidden! You all comment about the surface of shit – as was said – from the comfort of your home and behind the protection of your computer. Please get a fucking clue! Don’t come knocking without packing a lunch, folks! FREEDOM is not a GREEN PARTY POSTURE! I do not support socialism in any fashion. Most of the blog comments I have read are very disenheartening. There is no such thing as Palestinians other than the Jewish people. What do you say about the 1972 Munich Olympics? That we negotiate with Ringo Starr’s stunt double in a black and white tablecloth for a head-dress is asinine! What do you know about IRG, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR or the Federal Reserve Bank, let alone David Rockefeller’s address to the TC in 1991? How do you feel about the New World Order and the puppetman we know as the OBAMANOMICS of AMERCIA? Did you know his first job after college was with Kissinger? Do you know his senatorial voting record? Buy the sizzle instead of the steak – you always do… By the way, my father was Irv Homer, your Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate some years ago… he told you all in 1975 he’d lead you by the nose. SIZZLE – get a clue!

  11. libertariangirl

    QUESTION_ranting …raving …non-sensical…

    ANSWER__things that come out of Rev. Pergaments mouth …

  12. Donald R. Lake

    Gee, not one denial of the USS Liberty attack and the destruction of the Reform Party USA national blog and monthly house organ news letter to blunt the broad casting of such an article …….

  13. Steven R Linnabary

    There is no such thing as Palestinians…

    For a DD, he seems unaware that MY Bible DOES mention the Philistines.

    To say there is no such thing is unfathomable.


  14. paulie

    Anti-Semitism always appears, no matter how cleverly hidden![…] That we negotiate with Ringo Starr’s stunt double in a black and white tablecloth for a head-dress is asinine!

    Sometimes, it appears without being cleverly hidden.

  15. paulie

    First national convention held in June in Denver, Colorado. John Hospers, a philosophy professor at the University of Southern California, is nominated as presidential candidate. LP vice presidential candidate Tonie Nathan becomes the first woman in U.S. history to receive an electoral vote.

    National convention in New York City. Roger MacBride is nominated as the LP’s presidential candidate, David Bergland as his running mate.

    Presidential nominating convention held in Los Angeles. Ed Clark and David Koch named as presidential and vice presidential candidates.

    David Bergland is nominated in New York City as the LP’s presidential candidate. Jim Lewis is his running mate.

    Ron Paul resigns from the Republican Party and joins the LP.

    Seattle convention nominates Ron Paul for President and Andre Marrou for Vice President.

    Chicago nominating convention names Andre Marrou and Nancy Lord as presidential/vice presidential ticket.

    The Libertarian Party becomes the first third party in American history to earn ballot status in all 50 states two presidential elections in a row. At the nominating convention in Washington, DC, best-selling author Harry Browne gets the party’s nomination. He goes on to win 485,759 votes in the general election, the second-best showing in party history. (VP, Jo Jorgensen -p)

    The Anaheim, California convention nominates Harry Browne for president and former Bellflower, CA mayor Art Olivier for VP. They head a ticket of 1,436 LP candidates, including 256 candidates for U.S. House — the first time in 80 years a third party has contested a majority of Congressional seats.

    The Libertarian Party nominated Michael Badnarik as their 2004 presidential nominee during the national convention in Atlanta. (VP Richard Campagna -p)

    [2008: Barr, Root. -p]

    Irv Homer?

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