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That other congressional district in Louisiana

Malik Rahim has been widely report on by IPR, but his congressional district is not the only one whose election has been delayed to December 6th. Louisiana’s fourth congressional district is in the same position, and two independents are running in that race.

Gerald J. Bowen, Jr is the first one. He is running on a platform of accessibility to one’s Congressperson, balancing the budget, and reducing the size of government. He is a veteran and works in the medical field. Bowen is also advertising an offer for a gift certificate if you donate $200 or more to his campaign ($50 will buy a radio ad, he says). Bowen explains why he is running the following way:

Welcome to my campaign web site. I decided to run for office for two main reasons. 1. If we keep sending the same type of people to Congress we will keep getting the same results. 2. I have always loved my country and my state and since Hurricane Katrina I have an even deeper appreciation of the things about Louisiana that are so unique. I want to help preserve these things and make Louisiana even better for our future generations.

The second independent is Chester T. “Catfish” Kelley, whose website’s name is one of the best I have seen. He wants voters to “send an angry man to Washington.” Kelley is a real estate broker and the CEO of an internet publishing company, and he is also a “proud veteran of the Vietnam war.” He is a Unitarian, involved in multiple local organizations like the Rotary Club, and is known around town for the free catfish he gives to veterans each Veterans’ Day. His platform is as follows:

1. Kelley will work to make sure our military receives the support they need and deserve before, during, and after their battles;

2. Kelley will work to stop all efforts to create a North American Union (a concept that was considered a conspiracy theory in the 90’s and now commonly recognized as fact) beginning with the absolute requirement to secure our borders;

3. He will work to stop the transfer of wealth out of our country caused by the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries and our dependence upon foreign oil;

4. Kelley will work to stop the “New Welfare” which is the transfer of wealth from the lower and middle classes to the fatcats of Wall Street who have come to expect multi-billion dollar government bailouts of even their most atrocious fraudulent schemes; and

5. Kelley will demand the IRS answer the simple question, “what is the law that makes the average hard working American worker liable for the income tax?”

During this campaign, Kelley will state the hard facts and ask the hard questions, beginning with the plain and simple fact that both political parties are screwing the American People.


  1. Trent Hill Trent Hill December 4, 2008

    Id vote for Kelley in that race.

    Here is my question. Bowen claims a radio ad costs $50…and my question is—why on earth is he paying $50 for radio ads? The people who put Paul/Goldwater on the ballot here in LA were able to run TV ads for $9-15 a piece and radio ads for $7-10 a piece. For primetimes you can add $10 to each set of numbers.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist December 4, 2008

    Both of those candidates are right-leaning, so I hope they do well. They will steal votes from the Republican, thus helping the Democrats from picking up this seat, after left-leaning independent Mike Jackson stole the other Louisiana seat that the Democrats picked up this year by giving it to the Republicans.

    In more important news, the Catholic Trotskyist Party is finally creating a website soon, after realizing how easy it is to make a WordPress account.

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