Elected Independent being mentioned for open US House seat

New York Assemblyman Tim Gordon is a two-term representative who serves inside Kirsten Gillibrand’s House District. He is being considered, by Democrats in the 20th District, as the Democratic nominee. He is a registered member of the New York Independence Party, and the sole member of the New York legislature who is a member of that party. He has, in the past, run on both the Democratic and Independence Party lines–and is likely to do so again should he run for New York’s 20th Congressional District. This is an historically conservative district, so Democrats are warming to the idea of nominating an “Independent”.

h/t David Weigel

9 thoughts on “Elected Independent being mentioned for open US House seat

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    This is, undoubtedly, the most interesting story regarding third parties in the “off season”.

    This man really ought to seek help from Bloomberg and Golisano, the IP’s two billionaires, and let them know that he would caucus in Congress as an Independent.

  2. Ross Levin

    Would it be worth caucusing in the House as an Independent (especially if elected as a Democrat)? He would be met with huge political opposition and it would be hard to get anything done at all.

  3. Trent Hill Post author


    I did not mean that he would caucus as an Independent–but that he would list himself as an Independent. He would caucus with the Democrats.
    However, I understand he will run as an Independent and Democrat.

  4. NYer


    Neither Bloomberg or Golisano are members of the IP. And Gordon would run on the Democratic and Independence Party lines, not as an independent.

  5. Trent Hill


    In the post directly above yours I said “I understand he will run as an Independent and Democrat.”.

    And I never claimed Bloomberg or Golisano were members of the IP explicitly. But both men have pumped hundreds of thousands into the party–both men have run on their ballot lines, and both are now attempting to remove the Fulani-influence from NYC’s Independence Party. Golisano has run as an Independence Party candidate for governor 3 seperate times. Whether they are “registered” doesnt matter, they are obviously part of that party.

  6. Trent Hill


    Depends on how he registered once in Congress. Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders, for example, are independents/third party members who caucus with the Democrats. Lieberman is listed as an “Independent Democrat” and Sanders is listed as an “Independent”

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