Online national Modern Whig Party meeting

Sent to supporters of the Modern Whig Party:

Join us May 19 for a national conference. This is your chance to actively get the ball rolling with the fastest-growing mainstream political movement in the nation. With all the recent coverage and successful regional meetings, it is time to get everybody together.

Founded by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the Modern Whig Party presents a stimulating blend of information about the history, goals, objectives, and unparalleled opportunities to return balance between individuals, states and the nation. The organization represents those who place common sense, rational thought ahead of ideology. The information presented is for current and prospective Modern Whig Party Members, as well as media and the general public. Keep abreast of the latest developments through this dynamic and efficient use of technology on a nationwide basis. There is something for everyone at all levels.

Speakers will include the next generation of political leaders and professionals from throughout the country. Attendees also will have the opportunity to speak and interact. All you need to participate is a computer. If you don’t have a headset, you can simply call in via your telephone. The event is moderated for seamless interaction. There is strength in numbers as we take this political phenomenon to the next level. Come be a part of it!

Space is limited: Reserve your seat now at:

Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM EDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the event.

System Requirements PC-based attendees Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista

Macintosh®-based attendees Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer

* This event brought to you by the Modern Whig Party National Committee and sponsored by the Florida Whig Party.

14 thoughts on “Online national Modern Whig Party meeting

  1. Mike

    Yes, there was recently a physical meeting in DC. I was unable to attend, but heard it went quite well and many people attended. I think there is a real push currently to have more physical meetings and get out of the internet arena. So far, it looks very promising.

  2. MJL

    Some of the more organized physical meetings in regard to the Modern Whig Party have taken place in Houston, TX; Jefferson City, MO; New York City; Washington, DC, Minneapolis, MN and various parts of Florida.

    Smaller scale physical meetings have occurred elsewhere throughout the country, in addition to groups of deployed service members wanting to quietly hold meetings and reporting back.

    Upcoming physical meetings are set for West Point, NY; Tampa Bay, FL; and Canyon Lake, TX.

    The online meetings are meant to supplement the physical events.

  3. HS

    Don’t forget about Raleigh, North Carolina. They had a physical meeting at the library as reported in the newspaper.

  4. HS

    Levon Helm… Someone with such obvious class and tact as yourself certainly would be able to comprehend that new political movements would have physical meetings as they gain their footing.

    But then again, your Green Party is so big and powerful that you can afford to be so pompous 🙂

    (no offense to the actual Greens, not my cup of tea, but I don’t think any third party political activist can claim superiority or Napolean complex over another, particularly when people are trying to be proactive. Rather unseemly).

  5. mdh

    Honest, serious question: Don’t you think the name ‘Whigs’ and the owl logo are a bit… whimsical, perhaps… to be successful in modern politics?

    I tend to get the impression that the vast majority of people I deal with, even rebellious anarchist sorts, still want their political types to be professional looking/sounding/acting, even when advocating the overthrow of government, legalization of drugs, etc.

  6. HS


    Very good question, actually. We are in the process of ramping up our professional appearance. I just learned that a supporter is about 10 days out from having new uniform and fully-functional Websites that are professionally designed and professionally hosted through top-knotch servers. This is an exceptional investment in both time and resources by these particular supporters. Most state chapters and national site will be interlinked with much better database tracking.

    We also have a lot of closet members who are active political types from the two main parties. One group in particular is presenting new owl designs.

    As for the name, it is antiquated. But at the same time, the fact this this movement was founded by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans seems to be providing us with a second look from people not typically prone to third parties where other parties may immediately be marginalized and cast as fringe regardless of what they actually stand for.

    Granted the Whig presidents are not highly regarded, lumineries such as Lincoln and Henry Clay are. It’s a toss up.

  7. mdh

    Sounds good, I’m glad to hear you guys are doing well.

    As for Lincoln, he was a damned tyrant. 🙂

  8. HS

    Starting from nothing, we are still putting the pieces together. But the guys that founded this movement are working hard, and fortunately now are getting more and more help every day.

    As for Lincoln, I knew you were going to throw some of your anti-Lincoln voodoo on the subject :)-

  9. drlewis

    Before the Whig Party, the ‘Whigs’ were those who supported the Revolution, an allusion to the British Whigs. If the Modern Whig Party wanted to, it could easily drawn upon either of those traditions — better, I think, than the protectionist/Hamiltonian tradition of the Whig Party.

  10. Donald Raymond Lake

    Hype, hype, hype. I wish the Moderates [of all groups] well, but plz! These guys are an asterisk of an asterisk. Get real. Hype only leads to ultimate embarrassment and VERY negative back lash.

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