Louisiana Republican to conservatives: Don’t bolt to Constitution Party

In Louisiana’s Shreveport Times this morning, J.C. Allen of the Caddo Parish Republican Party responds to a letter published earlier in the week in the newspaper, written by a former Republican who has joined the Constitution Party because the GOP “is moving away from its Christian Conservative Constitutional roots and is no longer for less federal government, less taxation, and more expensive, beloved, and valued liberty.”

Allen praises the letter-writer as “an energetic young man with high moral ethics, which are just the qualities needed in the Republican Party. He is also a prime example of the challenge the Republican Party has with young people who are searching for their niche. … While some conservatives may feel that the Republican Party has abandoned them, it is this party that remains the only hope for conservative principles to again emerge victorious. It is important that these conservatives realize that it will be much easier and take less time to mold the Republican Party into its previous conservative image than to build a new party into an effective alternative, which history has shown rarely happens.”

33 thoughts on “Louisiana Republican to conservatives: Don’t bolt to Constitution Party

  1. Erik Geib

    History has shown it rarely happens because the duopoly doesn’t let it.

    Personally, I’d like to see about 5 ‘major’ parties.

  2. Peter Gemma

    only 5? heck, I want real choice! I suppose I could settle for 5 though – that’s 5 times more than we have now …

  3. NewFederalist

    Where is Trent? Doesn’t he post here anymore? I would have thought he would have been all over this story.

  4. Donald Raymond Lake

    Erik and Peter: Amen brothers, more choice, more democracy!

    Like the monopoly money of the Federal Reserve and the non metric mentality of a faltering industrial giant, the duopoly paradyme is rarely seen out side of ‘The States’!

  5. Trent Hill

    Me and the young man who wrote this story got into a severe disagreement over issues and tactics. He’s prowar, pro-government, and wants the Federal government to control everything from marriage to abortion. He’s a passionate kid, but he belongs in the Republican Party, in the Sean Hannity wing, not in the CP.

  6. d.eris

    “history has shown rarely happens” Ironically, however, the history of the Republican Party itself proves that it does nonetheless happen.

  7. Morgan Brykein

    It’d be interesting if the Republican Party fractures in 2012. Perfect way to celebrate the great election of 1912. Hehe.

    Too bad it’ll either be Palin or Gingrich, and not someone who’s a genuine person and not a cold career politician.

  8. paulie

    Perfect way to celebrate the great election of 1912.

    The election of 1912 was a disaster.

    Too bad it’ll either be Palin or Gingrich

    Way too early to tell.

  9. Brandon H.

    I’ll take your word for it, though his letter links to the CP platform, so it seems he would be aware of that the CP opposes the war in Iraq among other things you have mentioned.

  10. Catholic Trotskyist

    Smart man, to know that the two-party system is the only current system. I too would rather there be about 5 to 7 parties, because there are so many different ideologies. My party would be considered right-wing by many because I don’t love the abortionists and gay marriage, but I do want a centrally planned economy and a one-world government.

  11. Erik Geib

    I find it odd how many people insist on leaving the GOP for the LP or CP without any philosophical change other than wishing the GOP was more ‘responsible.’ Such folks are much better off reforming their own party.

  12. Morgan Brykein

    Actually, 1912 to me was the greatest election of all time. It’s the closest we’ve ever gotten (besides maybe 1992) to the destruction of the two-party system.

  13. Danny S

    TR would’ve been bad too in 1912. Taft probably wouldn’t have been good either. I liked Debs in a few ways but in others really didn’t.

  14. Trent Hill


    I disagree with Eland there, though Wilson ranks second in my ranking. Abraham Lincoln is my number one.

  15. Catholic Trotskyist

    Wilson almost redeemed himself by trying to get us into the League of Nations, thus bringing about an earlier trend towards one-world government. However, that doesn’t make up for his racism, Federal Reserve, and especially the American involvment in World War I. On the other hand, it is possible that he sabotaged the League of Nations because he really didn’t believe in it, like how Ralph Nader sabotaged Al Gore. If true, Wilson would truly be the worst President.

  16. David

    Trent, what’s so bad about Lincoln? Some may disagree with his conduct of the Civil War, but it did lead to the abolition of slavery. I’ve heard somewhere that there was a conspiracy with Lincoln and some industrialists. Is this true?

  17. Danny S

    Wilson did do some decent things earlier in his administration. And I wouldn’t mind the League of Nations.

    His problem was mostly to me WWI in that he didn’t look to the example of John Adams and the Quasi War. That was a mistake in judgement to me.

    He also gets points off for me from his basically letting the Federal Reserve system get set up as it was.

    Still, I don’t think he should get dead last. But it is hard to make a linear ranking of presidents because there are so many variables and factors to weigh in to the point it becomes highly subjective.

  18. Trent Hill

    “Trent, what’s so bad about Lincoln? Some may disagree with his conduct of the Civil War, but it did lead to the abolition of slavery. I’ve heard somewhere that there was a conspiracy with Lincoln and some industrialists. Is this true?”

    The War DID lead to the abolition of slavery, but that certainly wasn’t Lincoln’s original intention. It’d be like crediting FDR with the creation of the Nuclear Bomb just because he led the US into WWII. Sort of a false dichotomy.

    Lincoln’s conduct both before and during the Civil War was DEPLORABLE. The suspension of habeus corpus, elimination of the freedom of the press, imposition of the draft, employing Total War on what was supposedly his own country, destroying the natural right to leave the Union, silencing political opponents, introduction of massive inflation.

    Once Lincoln destroyed the right to leave the Union, he destroyed the Union as a semi-voluntary association (for States at least, it was never really voluntary for individuals).

  19. Ayn R. Key

    I love how the GOP puts the onus to change the GOP on everyone except themselves. Are you, a single individual, unsatisified? Then go to your local GOP meeting and reform the entire party.

    If you want our votes, perhaps you should earn them instead of trying to sucker us in.

    And your record is such that you will never get my vote.

  20. Sean Scallon

    How about a compromise, the CP becomes the vehicle to power the GOP, how about that?

    Instead in your private country club, you might actually build a broad-based party in that way.

  21. Erik Geib

    Wilson is certainly dead last.

    Consider the following (that occurred under Wilson):

    -The income tax amendment
    -The initiation of the Federal Reserve System
    -An interventionist war in Europe that radically changed our foreign policy (‘making the world safe for democracy’)
    -The first major attempt at the erosion of American sovereignty in the name of global harmony (the League)
    -The sterilization of ‘unfit life’ (i.e. the mentally handicapped)
    -The first federal drug prohibition
    -The Palmer Raids (beginning of the War on Drugs)
    -The detention of countless German and Hungarian citizens (this would pave the way for FDR’s internment of the Japanese and the CIA’s and DOD’s many, many internment/imprisonment of Americans)
    -The first effective* draft in 1917
    -The government took over the railroads
    -Wilson had a secret police that suppressed anti-war protests
    -Initiated democratic election of the Senate, thereby further eroding the system of checks and balances
    -Began the segregation of the federal government

    Plus, this little gem from the ol’ professor:

    “We used to say that the ideal of government was for every man to be left alone and not interfered with, except when he interfered with somebody else; and that the best government was the government that did as little governing as possible. That was the … Read Moreidea that obtained in Jefferson’s time. But we are now coming to realize that life is so complicated that we are not dealing with old conditions, and that the law has to step in and create new conditions under which we may live, the conditions that will make it tolerable for us to live.”
    -Woodrow Wilson (1912)

    And have you ever heard of Theodore Lowi’s theory that somewhere between Wilson and FDR the ‘first republic’ of the U.S. ceased to exist (because Wilson and FDR so radically changed things, creating a ‘second republic’)?

    Wilson is certainly dead last.

  22. Erik Geib

    (subtract the ‘Read More’ from the above quote. Cutting and pasting my arguments from Facebook isn’t always clean.)

  23. Harley Swarm

    For all of you talking about reforming the GOP the problem is the leadership of the party doesn’t want to reform. All they care about is the getting elected or re-elected by any means they can. They are not willing to take a firm stand on the issues in their own party platform. The CP may not be the solve- it- all party for those who want to have a voice for their conservative values but they are the only party fighting for your right to believe what you want even if it disagrees with the CP platform. Wouldn’t it be better to support a party you agree with 80% of the time and try to make the 20% change to your point of view rather than parties you only agree with 50% of the time who do not seem to want to change or allow any dissent among their members?

  24. Donald R Lake

    “but they are the only party fighting for your right to believe what you want even if it disagrees with the CP platform. ”

    Not here on the Left Coast, any thing but!

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