Daggett launches ‘must-watch’ ad in New Jersey

New Jersey independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett has launched what Mike Memoli of RealClearPolitics calls a “must-watch TV ad using look-alikes to mock the two major party candidates.” In the ad, “an escalator breaks down, probably at one of the Garden State’s wonderful shopping malls. One passenger, Gov. Jon Corzine (D), is portrayed as an aloof, Wall Street Journal reading figure hoping someone will bail him out. Another, former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie (R), is shown as a rotund angry man shouting for help. ‘If someone doesn’t fix this right now, people going to jail. Jail I said, jail!’ he bellows.” The ad “is the brainchild of Bill Hillsman, who has a reputation for doing these type of ‘quirky’ ads, for candidates like Jesse Ventura.”

7 thoughts on “Daggett launches ‘must-watch’ ad in New Jersey

  1. Trent Hill

    Peter, very nice post, thank you.

    The ad is interesting. I hope the man can get some traction.

  2. Danny S

    Lol I love the ad! And if that goes on the air, I think it would definitely get people’s attention.

  3. Kimberly Wilder

    Very cute. I liked it.

    There is so much energy in the air to say that Dems and Reps have failed us, we need an independent (or third party, but independent seems to be the even stronger theme.)

    This is all good for the revolution…


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