Green Party activist quoted about Long Island Power Authority

Ian Wilder, Green Party activist

Ian Wilder, Green Party activist

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(excerpt from) Shelter Island Reporter
Why Should LIPA Be Afraid of Suffolk?
by Karl Grossman

“LIPA was supposed to become the people’s power authority. That has not happened,” declares Ian Wilder of North Babylon, [former] co-chair of the Green Party of New York State, on his website. “When LIPA was first set up, they were supposed to be elected members of the LIPA board … That never happened. They are all appointed; with no accountability to the public … Vetoing a bill that the legislators passed to try to give some accountability is just another step backward.”

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Karl Grossman, investigative reporter

Karl Grossman, investigative reporter

9 thoughts on “Green Party activist quoted about Long Island Power Authority

  1. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    The post was so short and busy to begin with, didn’t want to put this in, too. But, anyway, as most people can tell from the names, I am related to Mr. Ian Wilder. (He’s my hubby.)

  2. Michael Cavlan

    Kimberley and All

    This is very cool but……

    Hate to be a real pain in the ass here but I am still committed to exposing the Green Party on the National level.

    So what about Minnesota’s very own Winona No Nukes LaDuke, former GP VP candidate with Ralph Nader who did a Michael Moore by publicly endorsing John “Bomb Fallujah Better with DU” Kerry 2004 and then Barack “Pro-Nuke” O-BOMBER?

    How in the hell can we go forward with GP “leadership” such as this?

    Of course, I speak as a former Green who has given up on the Greens just as much as i gave up long ago on the Democrats.

    I am committed to exposing both for what they really are.

  3. Michael Cavlan

    For the record, I am obviously trying to warn young activists on just what they may be entering, when they join the GP.

    Time to build something real. Something that is SERIOUS about challenging the pro-war, corporate corrupted two party system.

    Cuz the Greens ain’t it.

  4. Green Party

    It should be noted that, although she was the Green Party’s nominee for Vice-President in 2000, Winona LaDuke is not currently nor has ever been a paid staffer, nor a Green Party Steering Committee or National Committee member, to our knowledge.

  5. Michael Cavlan

    Green Party

    Very true. She was “only” the GP VP candidate in 2000. Not the nominee but the candidate.

    I also have never been a paid GP staffer, although I, like many of my Ralph Nader supporting friends and allies had poured countless time/money and other resources into the GP.

    I also was, at one time a National GP Delegate.

    I like my other friends and allies will NEVER make those mistakes again.

    Because, like I said, we are SERIOUS about building an alternative to the pro-war, corporate corrupted two party system.

  6. VAGreen

    What on Earth does Winona LaDuke’s choice of Presidential candidates in 2004 have to do with an article about protests against the Long Island Power Company in 2009?

    Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is just another attempt to grab the spotlight away from Greens doing good work. Stop trolling, Cavlan, and build your own party.

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