Ribeiro and Shanfield face off in Illinois’ 9th congressional district

The Green Party primary in Illinois’ ninth congressional district got some coverage from the suburban Chicago Journal & Topics newspaper group.  There is little difference on the issues between Simon Ribeiro and Moe Shanfield, says the article, but Shanfield hopes to push the Democratic Party in a progressive direction, while Ribeiro plans to run a “vigorous campaign” against the incumbent (and unchallenged in her primary) Democrat Jan Schakowsky.

No matter who wins the Green Party primary for U.S. representative in the 9th District, both candidates said it’s going to be difficult to supplant incumbent Jan Schakowsky in the midterm election this November.

Which is why one of the candidates, 77-year-old Moe Shanfield, wants to use the Green Party primary as a way of sending a message to the Democrats. He argued that if people vote in the Green Party primary instead of the Democratic primary it will put pressure on Democrats to move closer to the Green Party’s ideology in order to court back those voters…

It wouldn’t be the first time he tried. Ribeiro ran against Schakowsky for U.S. rep. during the 2006 election when he was only 24-years-old. He ran as a Republican back then because the Green Party wasn’t well established in Illinois at the time. Ribeiro, an elementary and secondary school teacher, said his primary goal is to fix the Federal Reserve System.

“I think we need to nationalize it,” he said, calling the Federal Reserve a private corporation that has conflicts of interest.

3 thoughts on “Ribeiro and Shanfield face off in Illinois’ 9th congressional district

  1. frank

    good luck simon i hate shakowski and went to school with simon, he was a nice guy back him up!

  2. Simon Ribeiro

    Nationalizing America’s Central Bank is not just a “fix,” it’s restoring America’s Sovereignty over private bankers and the banking system they created to arbitrary make debt chronic so they can collect interest and be even more powerful.

    And Thanks for your support Frank!

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