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Alexander receives SPUSA endorsement for CA governor

2008 Socialist Party USA vice-presidential nominee and California state party chair Stewart Alexander has received the endorsement of his national party in seeking the Peace and Freedom Party nomination for governor of California. From Alexander’s press release:

Alexander’s political career spans over three decades; working for the Florida Consumer Action Network in the mid 80s working as a consumer activist, and running as a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles in 1989. Alexander was the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for California Lieutenant Governor in 2006, and two years later, the national Vice Presidential Nominee for Socialist Party USA.

As California Governor, Stewart Alexander says he is committed to offering leadership that will move California forward. California is presently facing a $22 billion budget deficit; Alexander says “it is necessary to scrap the two-thirds rule for passing a state budget.” Alexander also supports appealing Prop 13 “which would require big corporations to pay more of a fair share in taxes.” Alexander has also proposed abolishing California’s Three Strikes law and abolishing California’s death penalty which has been a tremendous financial burden on the state’s budget; “I want less money for prisons and more money for education.”

Alexander is competing against two other candidates for the nomination, former Los Angeles mayoral candidate/PSL activist Carlos Alvarez and “Trusted Candidate for California Governor” Mohammed Arif.

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