Cindy Sheehan comments on change of name for US occupation of Iraq

H/T ABC News

On her blog, Cindy Sheehan writes that she “found out that the ‘operation’ that killed my son is over. ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ got its name after the ‘great’ Powers That Be figured out that ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation’ stood for ‘OIL.’ Now, Obama’s SecDef, Robert Gates, has changed that benign name to an even more New-Agey, Sweeter-than-Honey name: ‘Operation New Dawn.’ Doesn’t that sound nice? Who doesn’t like New Dawns? Except perhaps the people of Falluja who were brutalized in a Marine siege back in 2004 that was inappropriately entitled, Operation New Dawn.”

Continues Sheehan: “It doesn’t matter what the U.S. decides to call its ‘Operations:’ part of us will reject the propaganda, and part of us will embrace it wanting very desperately to believe that our country is not a rogue state and/or that Obama is not as bad, or worse, than Bush. Innocent people still die and our soldiers are still victims, whether they come home dead or alive, whatever the war criminals in DC decide to label their crimes as.”

19 thoughts on “Cindy Sheehan comments on change of name for US occupation of Iraq

  1. More Cindy Steer Manure

    Gal, your brain does not have much more than a room temperature IQ —– but your heart is sure in the right place.

    Speaking of hearts, Dick – less ‘Tin Man’ Cheney has not left the hospital. [May he rot there!]

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    More Cindy Steer Manure @ 1: Why do you say Cindy has a low IQ? What she wrote above is appropriate and well enough written.

    I disagree with some of what Cindy says, but
    she’s always reviled or ridiculed,which I think is undeserved. She has the guts to stand up to the PTB (Powers That Be), and continues to draw attention to the illegality and immorality of the wars.

  3. More Cindy Sheehan Steer Manure

    Jill Pyeatt —– You obviously have not keep up with her entire political career. One gaff after another, one dropped opportunity after another, one stupid statement, move, neglect after another. It has been positively Reform Party – ish, or, hmmmmmm Libertarian! She could personally mess up a two vehicle parade!

    [What she (said) above is appropriate and well enough written.] —— Well yeah, FINALLY, after half a decade of blundering. {Hey, even one trillion monkeys at 1942 smith corolla pre electric type writers could FINALLY get around to ………. }

  4. mickey d

    hey dude, what are you doin?
    sittin on your lazy, stupid opinionated american ass, at someone else’s cost, not doing a fuckin’ thing.
    shut up and leave liberty to those of us who understand it.

  5. DR BAD

    Everday Cindy grieves her son. AS long as there is even one troops over there, it will be her son.
    Even now she and the rest of america are still lied to about all of it. YOU make a big joke of it.
    Every day your troops die over lies and greed.
    Becuase of people like you.
    God Bless YOU Cindy

  6. DR BAD

    *Ignore that ugly old war and go Shopping”
    Bark promised to end the war. He lied.
    I know you dont watch any news woman, so let me fill you in a bit, Right now:
    AS the have pulled a few troops out the have replaced them. They will stall until augest (just before election ) Then pull out some troops.30,ooo or so they lie and say now.
    They will pull afew thousand out, most who were long over due home. then nothing else will happen until just before the 2012 Election, THEN they wil pull out all but the pr purge 50,000 (who wil then be sent to afghanistan) .
    OH but those wont be american troops any more. They will be “Trainers”.
    Thats YOU peoples answer to problems, Just rename them.
    While you lie to your own troops and children. And murder and steal from them and your own grand children.
    I want to see bark obama sweet talk Cindy and Mary Tillaman.
    And i want little boys and little girls treated exaactly the ssame in every way shape and form.
    Including Selctive serveice. Not beat the rush and go sigh that spoiled rotten snot daughters of yours up. then lets hear “whateva” “I dont care”,
    “your pathetic” “Im bored”
    no just iggy that ugly ol war and go shopping.
    OMG!!!! YOU make me puke.

  7. DR BAD

    Abc “noise” ? I wen to ABC to offer to mediate for thise kids in Iran. They were to busy to even get my name or find out why I was there, then after i left they called the cops on me.
    Barak obama and clinton are withholding information from america and congress.
    oh look blackwater changed its name, as YOUR troops rot in jail. “Buisness as usual” “Stay the course” .
    Pat Tillman was shot first Standing up. Then he was shot a few more times after he hit the ground. Afghanistan is not mY war or problem any more. but Pat was one of MY Men.
    now in case u missed it?

  8. DR BAD

    general pissbetrayus went before congress and blatantly lied. when i made an “Offical” complaint, thier answer was to move it behind closed doors. OH, and then they promoted him.
    YOU people pissed off, back sabbed and picked a fight with the wrong Man.

  9. DR BAD

    I see Lizebath hassledork on the view spewing how she loves this war, as she spits uout pups. I DONT see her high dollar jock husband running down to Enlist.
    I see plains brat crying for child support, did she get the Father spermission to do that rerality show? is he gettign half? is she gettign welfare ?
    I see Tiger woods in toruble for havign sex wityh 12 gold digging sluts , now they all cash in and cry victim? Did they not know he was married?
    Time YOU women got treated exactly equal to Men in every way shape and form.
    Now where is MY missng M.I.A Army Nurse?
    When Bush found out about her he shipped her to pakistan,afghansitan,kashmir,
    when i asked olbermaan about her they put on that t.v show “Mercy”, is she gettting a checK?
    “whateva” “I dont care”, “your pathetic” “ill just Iggy you” “boo hooo this mean OLD MAN is picking on pooor lil innocent me”
    Keep stalling.

  10. DR BAD

    Do YOU know what YOUR coward generals did at the congressinal hearing for Pat’s Death? Why, they did not even show up. Bill Gates, Murdoch and a few others have bought and paid for the entire goverment.And Now the e.u.
    americas handpicked bought and paid for supreme court is worthless. more like “lets Make a deal”. Repiglicans murder babies over seas while they whine about murdering babies in america. dummycrats murder babies in america while they whine about mudering babies over seas. repiglcians steal tax payer money ad run it out of america and pay no taxes,dummy crats bartermtrae under the tabe and steal though crap social programs. all out to get all that “FREE mOney” they can steal. Thats NOT FREE MONEY. Thats MY Children and Grand childrens money. Thast the 15 of people who actully work and pay taxes money. IT HAS TO BE PAID BACK.
    what YOU going to do coward punk bark obama? just keep hiding under your wife and hillaries skirt and stall? just set there and cry?
    Bill gates is now top of MY list punk as bark obama,,,treasonous jew puppet.

  11. DR BAD

    oh look,pelosi, you know,the one who when it was found knew about torture and went along with it, she jummped on a plane to iraq. where a soldior lost it and murder 5-7 of his buddies on base. “non combat related deaths”
    now as all these coward leaders of your stall and lie and scream about iran,and hammas and hezzbollah, etc, it is ME thye are really running from. even now ALL YOUR coward leaders and fat little a-rab masters are running from ME.
    IN case you had not heard. I now have not only my own country but many others as well. I also have my own armies. now you go tell that pile of trash obama to eather resign or come arrest me.
    now go suk murdoch and bill gates as as they rape and spy on you with your own goverment.
    and tell YOUR troops i truly am sorry for them.
    Dont blame me.
    YOU did it.

  12. DR BAD

    bark obama is a coward. no he wont drop Selective Service during war times. no he and clinton wont sign thier brats up for selective service. and oh look another earth quake, so hillary will run right down for a photo op, wwhat she never seen an earth qauke before? she gonna fill that plane wiht money she got from them a-rabs and jews? and then off to latin america becuse they just broke off from america and formed thier own alliance. go ask bark bitch what offeres i gave on those brats in iran, of course they diont tell you that, i offerd those 3 brats for cheney rove and bush, i ofered to trade those brats to relase politica prisoners, no they dint like that, i offered to trade those 3 brats for just chelesy. no she dint like that. i offered ot trade those 3 brats for just hilllary, no she dint like that. i toild them quit threanting Iran or i would have them tried for spying, well as you seee, theyd int tel you that, of course if i try and hang those 3 brats that wil play right into thier hands wont it? those 3 brats say they were just hiking? well,maybe i better waterboard them and see what else they have to say?
    which one of you slefish sluts,or whores want to go tell MY ex wives -fincces-girlfreinds,children,grnd children where i been these last 30 years? why im mad at them and hate them. why thier birthdays and holidays come and go not a word. not even a phone csall. why im not there watching thier ball games and recitals and graduations, why i was not there for the birth of my grandhcildren, im only starting on YOU bitch.
    until i hear nperson form my missing m.i.s army nurse? until i hear my ex wives and children have thier money? until you get MY troops out of iraq? I stay in YOUR fat lazy greedy ass.
    General Mehdi Ahmed Abbadon.
    aka:General Dr. Bad 5 Star call Sign :God.
    go tell bush god wants to chat with him again.
    tell my wives and kids im sorry.
    I gotta roll.

  13. DR BAD

    Women and blacks elected bark obama. no matter what he does they will make excuses. and of course they dont care about this war. they arent in it. go look at th trash you call news, all about and for women. or proganda. bush and barak muder millions you say nothing, but clinton gets his dick sucked you empeach him. oh what dirty woman beating man is there to day. oh what unwed mother dropped a new pup.
    Why isnt that crazy professor woman runing loose? she has a vagina. today that crazy model bitch punched out her driver but charges dismissed. had it been a MAN? oh that would be differant.
    Barak obam ,hilary clinton,abbas, mubaruk, i have had warrents issued for your arrests in my countries. for genecide and war crimes in palestine. only reason i dont drag you out screaming like a little girl in hand cuffs? it would help america.
    keep stalling you pile of trash.

  14. DR BAD

    From day one bark has hooked arms and locked step with bush on everything. first thing he did was let 2 or 3 jew spys just walk. he got in toruble for pointing out they were wasting tax payer money in vegas, so he flys off to suk thier asses, then to california, not to meet with arnold about the economy, oh no he did not want to set a precident, he flew to cal for a fund raiser for harry reid. then flew off to grab his million dollar noble prize check. of course he could not be bothered with the responsibilities which go with it. how does he react to these crises? guy flys a plane into a building, he ingored it runs off to a fund raisser in colorado, then back to sucking ass in vegas for telling peopel to not waste money there. he will use this health care bullshit and iran nuke crap to stall and cover, as he goes right on murdering inncoent people and robbing america. america has no leaders left. america has on Men left.
    YOUR country, YOUR wars are run by women.
    and thats how they deal with your problems.
    now iggy that war and go shopping.

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