‘Green Party ready for November’ in Illinois

On February 4th, the Illinois newspaper the Southern ran a piece featuring the Green Party’s reaction to Tuesday’s statewide primaries in Illinois.  The Greens did have a primary, but most of the candidates running were uncontested.

“I’m in the race to win it and I think that’s entirely possible, given the record level of disgust with the two corporate-sponsored parties, the Democrats and Republicans,” Whitney said. “I think we’re not seeing in this race any really new responsible ideas for coming to grips with the economy and the budget, and I think what we have to say is much more relevant and I think the voters are going to respond.”

Charlie Howe, Green Party candidate for State Representative in Illinois’ 115th District, said turnout for the primaries was a little low, but November will be an exciting time for Illinois’ Green Party.

“By then, we’ll have a thinned-out field and, hopefully, the Green Party will get mentioned,” Howe said.

“We figure the people deserve a choice and we believe the Green Party is a very viable choice,” Howe said. “We just have to get enough people to the point where they know the government’s not working between Democrats and Republicans and we need something different.”

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  1. Don Lake .......... 'in your dreams' ............ down south

    More Illinois:

    KAREN HAWKINS, Associated Press Writer Karen Hawkins, Associated Press Writer – Sun Feb 7, 10:39 pm ET

    CHICAGO – The Democratic nominee for Illinois’ lieutenant governor dropped out of the race Sunday night, less than a week after winning the nomination, amid a political uproar about his past.

    a tearful Scott Lee Cohen said the Democrats were not certain they could win with him on the ticket. He said he was stepping down because he did not want to jeopardize the Democratic Party

    Since Cohen won the Democratic nomination on Tuesday, it has become widely known that he was accused of abusing his ex-wife and holding a knife to the throat of an ex-girlfriend — a woman who was herself charged with prostitution. He also admits using steroids in the past.

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