MO: Green Party Candidate for US Senate Plans to Walk Across State

From the Southeast Missourian, via TPID:

Tuesday was the first day for Missouri political hopefuls to register to run for office in the August primary election. While the recognized parties will hold primaries, the Progressive Party of Missouri will circulate petitions to gather 10,000 verified signatures in order to gain ballot access. Midge Potts, the Co-Chair of the Progressive Party of Missouri, as well as a delegate to the Green Party of the United States Coordinating Committee, announced in June 2009 that she would seek the the US Senate Seat being vacated by Kit Bond. Tuesday she released a statement proclaiming that she intends to run a non-traditional campaign by walking the state in order to discuss issues of concern to Missourians in their own communities.

“In 1976, Joe Teasdale, a then unknown entity in the Missouri political arena, walked the state on his way to winning the governor’s race against Republican incumbent, Kit Bond,” Said Ms. Potts, “I intend on replicating the feat of ‘Walking Joe’ by winning the hearts and minds of Missouri voters in a series of walks and bike rides that will highlight a number of issues leading up to the November 2nd general election.” Potts added, “The only way an alternative party candidate can compete against the special interest money spent by career politicians such as Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan, is to bi-pass traditional campaign outreach through directly engaging people with innovative ideas and raw creativity.”

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