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US Senate candidate John Mertens to speak at community college in New Haven, CT on April 1

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U.S. Senate candidate John Mertens will visit Gateway Community College in New Haven, Connecticut to address students of American Government classes on April 1, at 7pm. Mertens is a professor of Engineering at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and also teaches courses in public policy and environmental science.

Dr. Mertens will discuss the practicalities of implementing public policy solutions in American politics. He will address Medicare and Healthcare, Social Security, Energy Policy, Bank Regulations, U.S. Drug Policy and other issues. He will also discuss the practicalities of running for office: ballot access, campaign funding, and media access.

Those interested in attending should contact the John Mertens for U.S. Senate campaign via email at:

Metens became the first candidate in the country to earn a 2010 ballot line for U.S. Senate at the Connecticut for Lieberman Party statewide caucus on January 13th. He is also seeking the nominations of: the Independent Party, the Green Party, and the Libertarian Party.

Mertens presents over thirty detailed position statements and solutions to long-term problems on his website:


  1. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder March 30, 2010

    Oh, no, this reminds me…

    April 1st is coming up.

    On April Fool’s Day, a lot of the writers here at IPR have bad joke contests.

    This is a warning for gullible folks like me. Probably your last warning, until the odd headlines appear…


  2. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 29, 2010

    Green Party royalty….really…

    Green Party candidate Habsburg descendant…

    Habsburg descendant fights for Austrian presidency SABRINA GUILLARD
    March 29, 2010 – 1:29PM

    Ulrich Habsburg-Lothringen, imperial descendant, republican and Green party member, is fighting for his right to run for president — a job from which he is barred by Austria’s constitution.

    A nephew of Otto Habsburg, the eldest son of Austria’s last emperor, Ulrich Habsburg — he only uses the name Lothringen when signing documents — says the Austrian constitution does not afford equal rights to all citizens, ahead of presidential elections on April 25.

    Indeed, the law — which draws on texts that were adopted shortly after the fall of the empire and the creation of the Austrian Republic in 1918 — bans any descendant of the Habsburg dynasty or any other present or past ruling family from running for the country’s highest office.

  3. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 29, 2010

    Green Party YOUTUBE channel

    from Tom Tresser…

    Fun, funny, and plenty serious too…

    Tom Tresser is the Green Party candidate for Cook County Board President. He stepped out with 60 Green Party candidates and supporters for the 2010 Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It was cold and wet but great Green weather – promising a fresh start for the season and for Illinois politics!

  4. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 29, 2010

    Your font looks a little small.

    Or maybe I should drink less Kentucky Moonshine….

    From Green Party Watch tonight.

    Dan Craigie of Minneapolis announces Green bid for state representative
    March 29th, 2010 by Dave Schwab · No Comments
    From Andrew Penkalski at The Minnesota Daily:

    Green Party member and University of Minnesota alumnus Dan Craigie announced his bid in the state representative race for District 59B on Friday evening at the Oak Street Theatre.

    Craigie, who graduated from the University in the fall of 2009 with a master’s degree in public policy, will be running against longtime DFL Rep. Phyllis Kahn as well as Republican candidate and fellow University graduate Ole Hovde.

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