Mike Gravel: ‘Terrorism is not addressed with large armies’

A new video and blog post by former Senator and candidate for the Libertarian presidential nomination Mike Gravel.

Hi, my name is Mike Gravel and I’m a former US Senator from the state of Alaska.  I’m standing in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial, and I’m blessed to live a block away, in fact, from my balcony I can look down at the Iwo Jima Memorial.

What this memorial represents is a sacrifice our young men have given for the safety of this country.  Today we are visited with threats to our safety, but they’re of a different kind.  They’re not of the kind of the Second World War, nor are they of the kind of the Cold War.  What we have today is global terrorism.

Terrorism is not addressed with large armies, large military expenditures.  It is addressed with a global intelligence effort where countries share their knowledge of the terrorists regardless of where they are.  And then, with that kind of arrangement, we can prosecute and bring to justice these terrorists after they’ve committed a crime, and even before, when they’re plotting to commit a crime.

Now, that’s what we need more of, not what we presently have, which of course, is expenditures for jet fighters, for all kinds of hardware that was relevant in the Cold War, but is not relevant today.  We spend more on defense, or war-making capability, than the rest of the world put together.  And we now involve ourselves with two wars.  One in Iraq, which was a fraudulent undertaking, and one in Afghanistan that need not be persued.  We’re fighting for a country that is rampant with corruption.

And the same thing in Iraq:  rampant with corruption.  But they’ve taken our precious tax dollars and put it out in these countries so that these warlords, so that these people can be bribed and go out to the Arabian Peninsula and buy expensive homes and live off of the tax dollars that Americans have put forth.  This is not a foreign policy that will lead to success.  It will lead to the bankruptcy of the American people.

Now, keep in mind what we have is a situation where we spend more on defense than all the rest of the world put together.  And the American people don’t even act as if they care.  Now, that is a reflection, not only on the brainwashing that’s taken place, but it’s a reflection on the perceptions that Americans have about their role in the world.

That’s something that must change, and it can only change if we can bring about direct democracy – the enactment of the National Initiative – where people can make laws…The only force that can stop the military industrial complex is going to be the American people voting to stop this foolishness, this useless expenditure that goes for war-making capability when we need it for peace-making capability here at home, for the success of our economy.

Thank you.

53 thoughts on “Mike Gravel: ‘Terrorism is not addressed with large armies’

  1. Ross Levin Post author

    Full disclosure: I volunteer for Mike Gravel and typed up this transcript for him and posted it at a few blogs for him.

  2. Robert Milnes

    OK, Mike is still plugging NI4D.
    I have written a LOT ab out Mike in IPR comments. Has Skyler & Ross forwarded nything I have said to him? Does he know he could have won in 2008 if Skyler had listened to me? If Skyler hires me as Special Advisor. If he starts talking about winning & fusion ticket with Mary Ruwart & loading every ballot downticket with a Green OR a Libertrian, he starts to turn some of the support going wastefully to Ron Paul to HIS campaign & he beats out W.A.R.
    Now, I have endorsed NI4D. However with a progressive government, NI4D becomes superfluous. I disagree somewhat about terrorism. One person’s terrorist is another’s patriot. Rather address the issues that cause people to strap bombs to themselves & detonate with maximum colateral damage to others & property as purpose. Tht takes a LOT of a mixture of hate, anger, desperation, guts etc. It is not just simple crazyness acting out.
    Mike, I invite you to join MY campign. I will treat you well.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp

    “Does he know he could have won in 2008 if Skyler had listened to me?”

    Since he is not barking mad, no, he doesn’t “know” any such thing.

  4. Melty

    Mike told me he went into his presidential run absolutely certain he would not win due to his age, and that he did it just to advance the national ballot intiative concept.

  5. Robert Milnes

    Tom, Melty, come on! If he was certain he would lose due to his age, why did he go for the LP nomination, clearly trying to compete for the Ron Paul $ AND up against aged Paul & McCain? Is he certain Obama beat McCain because he is comparatively young? What about Reagan? Bullshit. & speaking of bullshit, Tom is one of the biggest obstructionists to PLAS & he SHOULD know better.

  6. Robert Milnes

    I have explained the Gravel/Ruwart winning scenario many times here in IPR comments. A progressive/libertarian fusion ticket turns it into a close 3 way race. If you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING in politics.

  7. Melty

    That’s what Mike told me, and he was already in his upper seventies when he made his early announcement for his presidential run. That’s some years older than Paul, McCain, and even Reagan at reelection. It was all just to draw attention to NI4D, LP run included. Gravel is not a guy motivated by money.

  8. Robert Milnes

    ok, Paul b 1935, McC 1936, Gravel 1930. Reagan was 69 on inaug. & 77 last year in office. So Gravel had a point but his age was not hopeless. & why did he go for the LP nomination instead of a better match with the GP?

  9. Melty

    Gravel has no campaigning ambitions. After the 2008 LP convention he announced his retirement from politics.

  10. Thomas L. Knapp

    “Tom is one of the biggest obstructionists to PLAS & he SHOULD know better.”

    I’m not an obstructionist to the PLAS, because the PLAS has yet to be presented.

    The “S” in PLAS stands for “strategy.” Your proposal isn’t a “strategy,” it’s a fantasy based on the faulty premise that 1+1 can be caused to magically add up to 34 if you just wish hard enough and if organizations which you’ve not bothered to learn anything about, but presume to advise, start doing things they’re not structurally capable of doing.

    As far as “bungling amateur politicians” go, well, maybe I am one — but I’ve won more elections as a manager than you have as a candidate, and I’ve managed candidates to more money and floor votes than you’ve achieved as a candidate. If I’m a bungling amateur, then I guess you get whatever label is applied to the third level of competence below that.

  11. Robert Milnes

    Where did those votes for the newly started Progressive Party for a republican ex-president come from? From Teddy’s fantasy world? I don’t know how I can explain PLAS much more than I have already in IPR. The problem is these people are looking up to you & listening to you & YOU DON’T GET IT. What is YOUR problem with it?

  12. Thomas L. Knapp


    The votes for the newly started Progressive Party for a Republican ex-president in 1912 largely came from anti-Taft Republicans, as you’d know if you bothered to read your fucking history instead of just making up howlers about how TR was a “left-libertarian.”

    My problem with the PLAF is that it:

    a) Is undoable insofar as in many states party states don’t control their ballot lines and therefore simply can’t do what you propose; and

    b) Doesn’t deliver the results you claim for it under any plausible scenario in the real world.

    Given the choice between getting serious about a real PLAS or clinging to your fantasy, you’ve chosen the latter for several years now. I don’t expect that to change, but I’m also not going to validate your fantasy by pretending it’s reality.

  13. Robert Milnes

    If Teddy had selected a progressive democrat for vp instead of another progressive republican & campigned on garnering democratic votes for tht ticket & new party, he may bvery well have won. Likewise Grvel/Ruwrt. Likewise Nader chosing a libertarian vp instead of fellow progressive. It REALLY is that big a deal, a fusion ticket.

  14. Robert Milnes

    For me it would be a libertrian preferably woman vp. For you it would be a progressive preferably woman p or vp. Interesting that you voted for McKinney instead of trying to form a fusion ticket with her.

  15. Robert Milnes

    But the election in 1912 was not a republican primary. Republicans had to actually vote for somebody that formed a new party. & not just changed the name but changed policies & beliefs & course i.e. reactionary to progressive. Unfortunately this republican party split did not spill over into the democratic party suffuciently. If Teddy had gotten Deb’s 6% which the socialists don’t get now & a couple more percentges of democratic votes, he would have been in 34%+ territory, very competitive in a de facto 3 way race.

  16. Robert Milnes

    This is why the executive fusion ticket should be Independent. It would mix & match party endorsements where po0ssible in most states. Where not possible run Independent. Nader accomplished this in 2008.

  17. Robert Milnes

    Tell you what. You talk McKinney into forming a fusion executive ticket-AND hire me as special advisor-and I’ll support that ticket. YOU try it.

  18. Knapp, Knapp ......... Lake

    Full disclosure: I was duped by Missourian Thomas Knapp into believing his agent provacateur rants were sincere if not honest. Then I took the road to Damascus.

    Is this possibly another reason for Gene Trosper’s recent absence ?????????

  19. JT

    Gene, you shouldn’t let Milnes drive you away. He’s just IPR’s resident ranting lunatic. Lake is too. There are always some on a free and open Internet discussion board. You can just view their garbled, accusatory posts as humorous, laugh at them, and save your energy for people whose writing indicates a clear mind.

  20. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:

    “Interesting that you voted for McKinney instead of trying to form a fusion ticket with her.”

    I’m interested in why you think you know that that’s a fact.

  21. Michael Cavlan RN


    I put it another way

    Put on PLASma deflectors. Full strength.


    Despite Mr Milnes mad looney rantings of “if only you loosers listened to me” nonsense this site is one of the best for honest, open third party politics and discussion. With the wacky idea of the free markets of ideas being welcomed.

    Hell, Mr Milnes insane rantings show just how that works.

    OK watch out. PLASma deflectors are ready, on full strength..

    Batten down the hatches men.


  22. Michael Cavlan RN

    Back to the issue raised by Senaor Gravel.

    I was raised in northern Ireland, in an IRA stronghold.

    Senator Gravel’s statement makes complete 100% sense.

    Which explains why he is no longer in the rotten, corrupted psuedo democratic republic institution called the US Senate.

  23. Robert Milnes

    Tom, oh, you DID try to form a fusion ticket with McKinney…,behind my back? & what, pray tell, was her position? She does have a reputation to maintain, you know!(Crazy)

  24. Michael Cavlan RN

    With my PLASma deflectors on full strength.

    Bob, you are a dumb ass..

    What part of that connection between what Mike Gravel is saying about terrorism and large armies not working are you not making..

    I mean, even in your cloud cookoo land, befuddled mind there should be a connection, right?

  25. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:

    “Tom, oh, you DID try to form a fusion ticket with McKinney…”

    I said no such thing.

    “behind my back?”

    That implies a non-existent obligation to do things in front of you.

  26. paulie

    “Interesting that you voted for McKinney instead of trying to form a fusion ticket with her.”

    I’m interested in why you think you know that that’s a fact.

    I believe you have said in past IPR comments that you voted for McKinney.

    I did not see any attempts at a “fusion ticket” made at either the LP or GP national conventions in 2008 (I attended both), and I don’t think most of the delegates at either convention would have taken such an attempt seriously if it had been made.

    I did personally ask Cynthia McKinney what she would like to say to Libertarians who were unhappy with the Barr nomination to persuade them to vote for her. She defended Barr, and then gave what amounted to a non-answer – ‘I want people from the left, right and all over the political spectrum to vote for me’ or something along those lines.

  27. Robert Milnes

    Michael Cavlan, what part of how does that relate to Ireland don’t you understand? Irish Republican Army. The British Army occupied N.Ireland a long time ago.
    Tom,I’m certain you said many more times than once in IPR or email to me that you voted for McKinney. What happened? Did you just fantasize that?
    Thank you, paulie. & thank you for your connectivity between the GP & LP.

  28. Robert Milnes

    What else could McKinney say?The fact of a GP, LP & BTP,Independent(Nader) & now Cavalan et al may get a national Prog.P candidate, splits the progressive/libertarian ticket.

  29. paulie

    What else could McKinney say?

    She could have discussed specific issues where she is better than Barr from a libertarian perspective. She could have said that she would emphasize these issues in her campaign. There are many things she could have said, but didn’t.

  30. Michael Cavlan RN


    Jesus.. You are such a dumb ass.

    OK. let me walk you thru this..

    The British occuppied northern Ireland EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS AGO. Groups develop to fight the British. from the very early O’Niell Clans, to the Free Irelanders, to the Fenian movement, to the IRB, then the IRA, then PIRA and now we have CIRA and RIRA.

    The response has been to send in large armies to quell the rebellions. The rebellions or “terrorism” still goes on after 800 years..

    Yet the “terrorist” still go on. Please refer to above very brief history lesson.

    Which makes Mike Gravel’s case.. With, you know real life experiences.

    Poor dumb bastard probably does not undestand why he is all alone. Muttering insane ramblings about PLAS, loosers etc etc.

    OK I do not need the PLASma deflectors any more.


    Sorry folks. Could not help myself.

  31. Thomas L. Knapp


    I voted for McKinney. As to whether or not I attempted to form a fusion ticket with her, I decline to confirm or deny, if for no other reason than to leave you wondering after you threw out the claim that I didn’t as if you knew one way or another when you didn’t.

  32. Spin Doctor Junior, JT .......... Lake

    JT // Apr 5, 2010:
    “Gene, you shouldn’t let Milnes drive you away. He’s just IPR’s resident ranting lunatic. Lake is too. ”

    You type like a pointalist artiste painting with a five inch brush! Plz point out ONE INSTANCE of duplicity on my part. Plz post ONE INSTANCE of a false state ment. Plz mention ONE INSTANCE of a thread not backed up by my personal experience and or multiple references.

    Point of fact, Doctor Donald J. Grundmann and allies jumped on the August 2009 dispute that CP style California AIP candidate for governor FORMER director of ‘Save Our State’ Chelene Nightingale was any thing less than a stand out political force.

    Thomas Knapp and I were roundly criticized for not knowing what we were talking. And yet the facts in the past few months have done nothing to paint me as a lunatic or less than an obstute, exceeding correct observer.

    Could it just be, could it possibly be that JT owes Lake a public apology ???????????

  33. Robert Milnes

    Tom, I was being facetious. Sorry to go over your head…
    Since I knew you said repeatedly that you had voted for McKinney & had not reason to doubt that as factual account by you, then the only other fact at issue is whethern or no9t you tried to form a fusion ticket with her. Since I knew you are irratiionally against tht I figured it would get you if I feigned that I thought that you had in fact tried.

  34. Robert Milnes

    Cavlan, I wrote a peace proposal for Ireland a long time ago. I think it might be on my campaign site. If I put it in msn group it has been deleted by them.I lost my msn group.
    I wasn’t raised in Ireland. But my british protestant(methodist) father told me how it was in his day-no fraternizing with the catholics. My catholic mother spoke about her upbringing little. Ireland very rarely came up. Which begs the question how did these 2 get married in HIS church?
    But I digress. Gravel overlooks trying to do anything about the root causes of terrorism & that one person’s terrorist is anothers patriot. Hence I feel free to disagree & would not give him a 100% score on this . But generally he is worthy of my support & I do so.
    By the way my solution to N. Ireland is to subsidize the emmigration of protestants/british occupier descendants. N.Ireland would cease to exist over time & be annexed by Ireland. by default.

  35. Alexander

    Don’t dis Milnes. He got 605 votes in the 2008 Libertarian primary in CA. That’s 4.3%. BETTER RECOGNIZE!

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