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California Green Mike Feinstein: CA Prop 14 would weaken democracy, voter choice

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Mike Feinstein, the former mayor of Santa Monica and well-known Green activist, has an opinion piece in the San Jose Mercury-News opposing Proposition 14, the “Top Two Primaries Act”.

Proposition 14 would stifle diversity and competition within the major parties, limit the choices of independent voters and drive minor parties off the ballot…

The threat to California’s smaller parties is a canary in the coal mine about what’s wrong with Proposition 14. A system that truly worked for all voters would give them more, not fewer, opportunities to elect representatives who reflect their views. Eliminating candidates and parties to choose from is not the way to get there…

Unlike the high-risk Proposition 14 lottery, there are electoral systems that have been in place for decades around the world that our state could openly compare and contrast. Why not consider multiseat districts with proportional representation, where Democrats and Republicans could win seats according to their percentage of the vote, along with parties like the Greens if they have enough support, as in Europe?

Read the full article at the San Jose Mercury-News.

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  1. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder May 17, 2010

    Yes. Michael Feinstein is well-known.

  2. Thanks Paulie.

    Always enjoy reading Mike Feinstein’s work.

    The Green Party’ s strong ballot presence in California has always been a big for the state.

    Across the big pond..

    Green Party congress: Swedish troops shall leave Afghanistan
    Politics | 2010-05-16 The Green Party (Miljöpartiet) held their party congress in Uppsala north of Stockholm Friday to Sunday. The delegates adopted their final electoral platform.

    The Greens will meet the voters in September with an own electoral program and one additional program which will be the result of compromising with their coalition partners the Social Democrats and the Left Party.

    Adopting an electoral plattform

    The delegates seemed torn between what they want to do and what is politically possible. Per Gahrton, the old doyen of the Green Party and chairman of the green think tank Cogito, claimed for example that while the joint platform with the other parties is a compromise product, their own electoral program needs to show what they really want to do it they could. That is the only way for them to compromise without loosing track of their green soul and roots he said.

    Altogether they will have thirty-six paragraphs in their electoral program, some examples:

    * The standard working week shall be thirty-five hours instead of forty. The age of retirement shall be more flexible.

    * The parental insurance shall be split into three parts; one reserved for the mother, one for the father and a third that can be split which also means it can be used by a third part.

    * Sweden should not join the EMU and EU should be decentralized and not move towards a common defense policy.

    * The public transports shall be extended. The capacity on the railway net shall be doubled and tracks for high speed trains shall be built.

    * A tax on transports by car in order to make it more profitable to transport goods by train and boat.

    The Greens’ slogan for the election campaign. “Modernise Sweden”, a slogan that led to ironic comments on the stands since the technical system created problems more than once when the delegates were to vote. Photo. Stockholm News

    A party which has changed its approach

    Twenty years ago the more uncompromising enthusiasts were in majority on the Greens’ congresses. Delegates wore wooden shoes and looked as they came right from a five years’ walk in the forest. At the time they also had many paragraphs in their program that were far away from the mainstream discussions and most likely repelled many voters. Today all this has changed and on the surface they look like any other party even though the idealists are still there but more focused on how to reach results.

    The Greens are still radical when it comes to many social issues. In the electoral programs they wrote that illegal immigrants without identification documents who are already in Sweden shall get amnesty. The congress also rephrased a paragraph about domestic violence against women do “domestic violence against women and men and in same sex relationships”.

    Among the more peculiar motions we find the suggestion to abolish GDP as a way to measure the Swedish economy and to forbid smoking within 50 meters of another person’s home. One motion even wanted to forbid smoking tobacco. All these motions were turned down with a very clear majority.

    Many votings were very even, four of them actually finished with exactelly the same number of votes on both sides. They solved it by voting again.

    The general impression is that it is a party in harmony and confidence. They have a clear chance to participate in a government for the first time ever after the September 19 elections. The atmosphere at the congress was good and the differences were more about if a suggestion fitted in the electoral program or not, not so much about the suggestions as such.

    Other decisions

    The party also adopted some statements that will be the party’s official stabdpoint but not be added in the electoral platform. One such issue was that the police shall give priority to finding people who escape from paying tax rather than those who cheat in order to get benefits they are not entitled to.

    The party congress turned down the motions that suggested that a public commission should investigate the idea of a basic income, something that the Greens were in favor of in the past. Basic income means that all adults get a certain amount of money every months without any counter performance.

    The congress also stated that they will not cooperate on any level with “xenophobic parties like for example Sverigedemokraterna” (the Sweden Democrats).

    The board of the party now says that all Swedish troops will leave Afghanistan by 2014. The party congress stated that no Swedish troops shall ever be under NATO command.

    Tommie Ullman

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    Weakened Euro bad for Swedish tourism
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    Arson attempt against artist Vilks
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    Green leaders re-elected
    On the Green Party’s congress today; the two party leaders Maria Wetterstrand and Peter Eriksson was, as expected, re-elected. Next year they will however have to resign due to their party’s own regulations about the maximum the time that one can keep a specific position in the party.
    Candidate to Parliament blames September 11 on the Jews
    A candidate to Riksdagen (parliament) for the Center Party (green liberals) in the September 19 Swedish elections has on his blog claimed that the Jews were behind September 11 and that they were the winners of WW 2 since it led to them getting their own state writes DN . The man was not one of the top candidates but he will now probably be removed from the list of candidates.
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    Sweden cancels aid to Tanzania
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    “Mc donald´s sells hamburgers that is older than officially said”
    Mc Donald’s in Sweden sometimes breaks their own rules considering how long time after preparation food can be sold. Hamburgers should only be kept warm for ten minutes but in reality they change the official time when the burgers were made so they appear fresher. Chicken salad is also re-labelled so it can be sold longer. This will be shown in a documentary in Sveriges television (SvT) on Sunday, but these details have already been published on SvT’s teletext.

    Robbers attacked with meat cleaver
    When a restaurant in western Stockholm on Thursday was robbed for the second time in a short time, the chef could not control his feeling. He rushed from the kitchen, ran after the robbers and threw his meat cleaver into the back of one of them. This did however not stop the two masked robbers, armed with knifes, who was able to get away. (TT)
    Turmoil at the Iranian Embassy
    250 protesters gathered outside the Iranian Embassy on Thursday to protest against the death penalty. But the protest became tumultuous when dozens of people began throwing stones and bottles with flammable liquid against the embassy. Around ten people have been arrested for, among else, violence against officer, attempted aggravated assault and violent resistance. (DN)
    First wolf pups in Stockholm in 100 years
    Today, researchers found that a wolf pair outside Norrtälje, north-east of Stockholm, have gotten four pups. This means that there is now, for the first time in more than one hundred years, a pack of wild wolves in the Stockholm area. The puppies are a genetically important addition to the Swedish wolf population because the father comes from the Finnish wolf population. (SvD)

    Even between the political blocs
    According to an opinion poll presented in SvD today, the difference between the two blocs is within the statistical margin of error. The Moderate Party (liberal-conservatives) is the big winner, plus 2.9 percentage points while the Greens and the Social Democrats go back
    Sweden to the second round in ice hockey world cup
    Sweden is qualified for the second round in the ice hockey world championship after beating France with 3-2. The Swedes had a safe 3-0 lead but almost let the French catch up at the end. The last game of the first round, (against the Czech Republic tomorrow) is still important since one keeps the points for the next round.
    Death of elderly woman goes to court
    A 23 year old will be prosecuted for the death of a 78 year old woman at a parking lot in Landskrona, south Sweden last months reports Sveriges television. After an argument, the 23 year old pushed the woman so she fell on the ground and later passed away.
    Three arrested for triple homicide
    Two men in their sixties and a man in his twenties have been arrested suspected of triple homicide in Härnösand at the Swedish east coast. The three victims, two teenagers (who where brothers and sisters) and a middle aged man were found dead in a house last night. (SvT)
    Still shortage of housings in parts of the country
    The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket) states in a report that forty percent of Swedish municipalities have a shortage of housings, especially tenancy rights. The problem is worst in student cities and in the big cities. Overall in the country, the number of empty apartments has also increased slightly. (DN)

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