Campaign Against Prop 14 Gains Steam, Raises Hundreds of Thousands

The “Yes to Prop 14” campaign, supported by the sitting Governor and Lt. Governor, has reported raised millions over the last couple of months. The “No” campaign, however, has failed to raise substantial amounts until recently. This report comes from the Sacromento Bee, about two new anti-Prop 14 accounts being opened.

California School Employees Association President Allan Clark and Republican Party officials Keith Carlson and Jon Fleishman announced today the creation of two campaign accounts opened to raise money to oppose Prop 14. A third effort, “Stop Top Two,” was launched in recent weeks by a coalition of minor parties.

The article goes on to talk about recent fundraising for the “Yes” and “No” campaigns.

The Yes on 14 campaign has already reporting raising several million dollars, with large sums coming from the California Chamber of Commerce and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ballot measure account.

The backers of two opposition efforts said they have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in commitments to their respective campaign accounts. So far, the account managed by opponents on the Republican side has reported a $50,000 contribution from GOP Sen. Jeff Denham, who voted to place the measure on the ballot.

Lastly, the article mentions the Coalition for Free and Open Elections Press Conference that happened earlier today at 2pm.

Later today, representatives from all six political parties are holding a press conference to denounce the measure because of the detrimental impact they say it will have on minor parties. Organizers of the two efforts announced this morning they will also be reaching out to campaign launched by the minor parties.”We are going to coordinate with all the several committees. All of us want the same thing,” Clark said.

We’ll have on-going coverage of the news that stems from that press conference as well as the Stop Top Two campaign in California.

16 thoughts on “Campaign Against Prop 14 Gains Steam, Raises Hundreds of Thousands

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    Ross, is the donation link for the third-party “No” campaign. However, I actually think the other two campaigns, run by seasoned operatives, will be much more effective–so you might consider donating to them. I’ll probably wait until that info becomes public.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    With that said–there is a certain pleasure in seeing third parties get a say in this.

  3. Ross Levin

    I looked on Google and didn’t see anywhere else to donate. I’m writing a piece to try and get people who aren’t aware of Prop 14 to donate a few bucks to help stop it, so I’m just using

  4. Trent Hill Post author

    StopProp14 is one of the other committees, run by the Republican Party and various tax groups.

    The other has just been set up, but it’s called “No On 14: Protect Voter Choice” and is supported by various liberal interest groups, labor, teachers, and consumer attorneys.

    Basically, there will be a large group on the left, with hundreds of thousands, against Prop 14. A large group on the right, with hundreds of thousands, against Prop 14. And then StopTopTwo–supported by the third parties. They’ll likely raise less than $10,000.

  5. tiradefaction

    Polling back in March seems to indicate Prop 14 may win. I hope the winds have changed …

  6. Prop 14 Supporter

    I am encouraging all my family, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances and even enemies, to vote for Prop 14, the beautiful proposition which weakens political parties and changes our election system for much the better. Thank you Abel Maldenado for being such an awesome public servant. I hope you will run for President in 2012, so Obama will have a worthy and sane Republican opponent.

  7. Dave Schwab

    The Sacramento Bee calls Stop Top Two a “campaign launched by a coalition of minor parties”, apparently seizing on Free and Equal founder Christina Tobin’s campaign with the CA Libertarian Party. They don’t mention or allude to the numerous voters’ rights and electoral reform groups in the Stop Top Two coalition, such as FairVote, Californians for Electoral Reform, and the Coalition for Free and Open Elections… not to mention the Democratic and Republican Parties. You’d think that Stop Top Two would be seen as a broad, transpartisan coalition compared to the more Republican and liberal groups.

    Let’s not forget Stephen Colbert’s ringing endorsement of Prop 14: “The two richest guys win!”

  8. Oh come on .......... Lake

    Bay Area Greens ……

    Elections: Restricts November choices & alters primary election

    Proposition 14 is an extremely deceptive measure. Known as the “Top Two Primary,” Prop. 14 is sometimes referred to as an “open primary” even though it would actually close off voter choice for the November general election to a mere two candidates.

    Its advocates claim that it would provide voters with more choices when in reality it would almost certainly kill off all other political parties except for the Democrats and the Republicans.

    We strongly encourage you to not only vote “No” on Prop. 14, but to also contribute time and/or money to help defeat this measure. For the latest details about how to support the “No on Prop. 14” campaign, please see: and

    Proposition 14 would completely change the nature of the primary election. Political parties, including the Greens, would no longer be able to choose their own official nominees for the ballot.

    Instead, for each partisan office, all of the candidates from all of the parties, plus independents as well, would all run together on the same primary election ballot, and then the top two vote-getters, regardless of their party affiliation, would go on to the November general election.

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