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German Anarchist Pogo Party TV Ad

No, this is not a preview of this weekend’s Libertarian Party national convention. Well, not unless you’re going to be in our room, anyway:

By way of Jesse Walker at Reason Hit and Run, it’s a German Anarchist Pogo Party TV Ad that “the German public broadcasting network ARD was apparently required by law to air [..] uncensored.”

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  1. You must realize that this so called German political party receives far under one per cent of the vote in election. In most 99% of the elections and districts they have no candidates.

  2. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton May 27, 2010

    Dondero usually writes in a language that appears to be English at first glance, but when you actually read the words, it makes as much sense as Bablyonian cuniform.

    Tim James, I’ll call him Tim Jim Slim, says they speak English in Alabama and if you want to live there, learn it. But if someone doesn’t know English, how will they know he wants them to learn it?

    At the end, he says, “…and it makes sense.”

    Then he looks down, appearing to be confused, and asks, “does it to you?”

    It seems as if he isn’t entirely certain that he is making sense.

    Now, I’m from a big sophisticated northern city (Richmond), but when it comes to driving tests, we want a Governor that makes sense and makes you feel like he knows he’s making sense. I mean this isn’t like some cowboy position like Ag Commissioner guarding $5 million, this is high-level gubernatorial stuff when you’re dealing with driving tests. I’m not sure if Tim Jim Slim has what it takes to get this driving test thing right.

  3. paulie paulie May 27, 2010

    and besides who the hell even knows 12 languages?

    Eric Dondero.

    He says he knows about 15-20 but he’s not sure exactly how many on account he done lost count. In fact he speaks many of them as good or even more gooder ‘n a average 12 year graduate of many of our fine Alabama public schools speaks English.

  4. paulie paulie May 27, 2010

    Steve Gordon is working on the Tim James campaign. I’m guessing he’ll be in St L as his company is running the vendor booth contracting, I’ll have to ask him about the ads LOL.

  5. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton May 27, 2010

    That Tim James feller makes real good sense. It sure don’t make no sense to make you take one test in 12 different languages. It would save money, just like he says because they wouldn’t have to pay somebody for all the extra time it takes to grade 12 tests and besides who the hell even knows 12 languages?

  6. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton May 27, 2010

    The German ad is a perfect example of how anarchists make themselves look ridiculous when they moderate their message and attempt to pander to mainstream middle-class society.

    Apparently, they felt that they must self-censor all human flesh consumption, necrophilia, injection of heroin into the eyeballs, bestiality, and self-immolation in order to appeal to Joe Sixpack.

    It is obvious that conservatives have infiltrated the German Anarchist Pogo Party. I wonder if the German Anarchist Twister Party has had the same problem.

  7. paulie paulie May 27, 2010

    Where it gets really confusing is down at the Mises Institute in Auburn. They actually have German-Alabaman Anarchist Republicans. Possibly more than one, even.

  8. Matt Cholko Matt Cholko May 26, 2010

    I don’t know what to say about those German Anarchists or the Alabama Republicans – for the same reason!

  9. paulie paulie May 26, 2010

    Also from Alabama

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