John Nichols of The Nation: ‘2010 might yet be a year of independent breakthroughs’

An excerpt from John Nichols’ blog at The Nation:

Because of Crist’s move, Florida will be the testing ground.

If Crist is defeated by Rubio, the right will claim its party.

If Crist and Rubio lose to Democrat Kendrick Meek — and especially if Rubio finishes third — there will be plenty of fingerpointing followed by, perhaps, a rethink among responsible Republicans of whether it is wise for any political party to place ideological purity above electoral viability.

If Crist can carve out a plurality of the vote in a November race with Republican Rubio and Democratic Meek, the process will be opened — a bit. And 2010 might yet be a year of independent breakthroughs, with veteran Republicans officials who have fled the party shaking up elections not just in Florida but in Rhode Island, Michigan and other states. Throw in a few Green, Libertarian and Vermont Progressive Party victories and we’re talking about change you can believe in.

One does not need to be on the left or the right to recognize that there are benefits to opening up our system. And one does not need to like or agree with Charlie Crist to recognize that his bold move might help to do that.

4 thoughts on “John Nichols of The Nation: ‘2010 might yet be a year of independent breakthroughs’

  1. Michael Cavlan RN

    John Nichols of the Nation magazine is and has always been a “liberal” apologist piece of shit for the two party system. Or should I say the Democrats wing of said system.

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