Judge Jim Gray on national radio – Monday, May 17, 2010

Submitted by Scott Lieberman to contact.ipr@gmail.com


Date: Monday, May 17, 2010

Time: 1am-5am Eastern Time (ie:10pm,Pacific Time on SUNDAY night,May 16)

Radio Show: Coast to Coast AM www.coasttocoastam.com

Host: George Knapp

Description: Changing Drug Laws – George Knapp welcomes Judge Jim Gray for
discussion on the possibility of change in the way we handle our drug
problems from a legal issue into a social and medical issue.

(Judge Gray was a US Senate Nominee for the Libertarian Party of California
in 2004)

This radio show is carried on over 400 affiliates nationwide. Check their
web site for the list.

If you are not a nite owl, you can listen to the show next week on the 7 day
archives at www.ksfo.com

(note – use Pacific Time!)

I am not sure if the interview will start at 1am or 2am Eastern Time.

8 thoughts on “Judge Jim Gray on national radio – Monday, May 17, 2010

  1. Michael Seebeck

    It was rumored (single-source) during the week when I heard it, so I sat on it until I got separate confirmation yesterday at the LPCA Executive Committee meeting.

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  3. Michael Seebeck

    @3, I stand corrected, it is Knapp, and I had it wrong because I hear the weekly version more than the weekend version wrong. My goof.

    It’s hour two of the show tonight, 11PM local PST, AM 640 KFI in SoCal, varies elsewhere.

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