New York Pirate Party launched

Posted at US Pirate Party:

I am pleased to report that New York Pirate Party is now recognized by the national committee, and is so far our second state to have an official effort to found a state party. NYPP is currently headed up by the temporary Administrator, Jay Emerson, who will be joining the State Advisory Board. Their website can be found at

With the website up and running, and and new and active members volunteering, this should be a much more frequent announcement. I’m in the process of writing a guide for those wanting to help found a state party, so don’t hesitate to volunteer if you’re interested, but uncertain where to start.

2 thoughts on “New York Pirate Party launched

  1. Jay Emmerson

    You forgot to mention my wonderful past actions in various anarchist campaigns, and my group for all sorts of textbook ebooks.

    If you joined me when I was affiliated with the American Pirate Party, before I decided to go back to the US Pirate Party, don’t worry, I’ve not really changed anything.

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