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Scott Lee Cohen, former Lt. Gov. Nominee, Runs for Governor in Illinois

Scott Lee Cohen was, earlier this year, the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois. He dropped out amidst allegations of past spousal abuse, steroid use, and missed alimony payments. However, he has apparently experienced a change of heart and, as a result, a change of campaign. He now intends to run for Governor of Illinois, as an independent.

Former Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor Scott Lee Cohen announced this morning that he will run for governor without a party affiliation.

“I am running for governor because like the rest of the citizens of Illinois, I am tired of waste and mismanagement, which has led our state to the current financial instability,” Cohen said in a news conference outside Chicago’s Thompson Center this morning. “The people of this great state are suffering every day.”

Cohen did not immediately announce a running mate and called for resumes during the press conference.

“We have several people that we are considering,” he said. “I have not made a decision.”

Speculation abounds as to who Cohen’s running mate will be, but if historical trends mean anything he will try to find a right-of-center lawmaker to run with him.

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