Illinois Green Party candidates for governor, US Senate, Congress, state legislature and more to march in gay pride parade


Chicago, IL—Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney will be part of a large contingent of Illinois Green Party members who will march in the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago. Exhibiting their commitment to equal rights for all, Whitney will be joined by LeAlan Jones (candidate for US Senate), Matt Reichel (Congress), Tom Tresser (Candidate for Cook County Board President), and Jeremy Karpen and Bob Mueller (candidates for State Representative) and several other Green Party candidates.

The Illinois Green Party has long been an advocate for equal treatment under the law for gays, lesbians, bi-sexual and transgender persons, including the right to marry. Furthermore, the Illinois Green Party is dedicated to ending work place discrimination and the military policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The theme for the Illinois Greens will be “The Time is NOW”. The basis for the theme is twofold: signifying that the political climate is ripe for Green Party members to be elected to public offices both locally and federally as well as the urgent need for equal rights for all regardless of sexual preferences or identification.

The Green Party delegation will be number 193 for the parade on Sunday, June 27th. The parade will begin at noon at the corner of Halstead and Belmont in Chicago, Illinois. For candidate interview requests please contact Lynne Serpe: 618-207-9258. Click here for Mr. Whitney’s policy on LGBT rights.

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  4. Robert Milnes

    Very nice.
    I scored 100% on Outright questionairre along with radical libertarian candidates.
    “…political climate is ripe… urgent need…”.
    Too bad all these candidates will lose.

  5. Dennis

    Anything that promotes Kesha Rogers in turn promotes Lyndon LaRouche, which in turn promotes fascism.

  6. Dave Schwab

    The radically off-topic comments on this post beautifully summarize the smorgasbord of weirdness that is Independent Political Report readership. Thanks for the good times, guys.

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