SC Green Party candidate for governor says to media: ‘Quit trying to determine who wins the election’

From a local FOX affiliate in South Carolina (video can be seen here):

COLUMBIA (WACH) — It’s not just Republicans and Democrats seeking the governor’s office.

Third party candidate Morgan Reeves says he’s gaining support.

The retired NFL player and Irmo native is the Green Party candidate.

Reeves tells WACH Fox News he’s disappointed with the lack of media coverage he’s received and says he wants to spread the word so people know he’s a real candidate.

“This is the biggest form of discrimination and racism since the emancipation proclamation in South Carolina,” Reeves says.  “We are better than that.  The news reporters should report the news and quit trying to determine who wins the election.”

Reeves plans to make several appearances next week to address what he feels is a lack of respect for him by the media.

Morgan Reeves is running on a fusion ticket with both the Green and United Citizen Parties.

11 thoughts on “SC Green Party candidate for governor says to media: ‘Quit trying to determine who wins the election’

  1. Green Party Conservative

    Morgan Reeves, the Green Party candidate for Governor of South Carolina…former pro football player.

    Gotta love this brother.

    Courage by the truck load.

    Glad to see WACH-TV covering Morgan Reeves…

  2. Green Party Conservative

    Here’s Green Party’s Guv candidate Morgan Reeves web site

    Very impressive resume. Pro football player.
    Phd in Theology..

    Morgan Reeves web site has nice video, good pictures, a constructive conservative Green Party feel.

    Irmo High School Graduate
    Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Urban Planning and Development
    Michigan State University Minor in Business Administration
    Masters Degree in Church Administration from the International School of Religion
    Ph.D. in Theology from the Institute of Christian Works; Burlington, WA
    Doctorate of Divinity from Bernadean University, North Hollywood, CA
    Certified Therapist and Counselor from the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling, Sarasota, Fl

  3. Green Party Conservative

    Brian McNeill in the Charlottesville Daily progress has a Sunday morning Green Tea Party candidate story.

    Independent Green Tea Party conservative candidate Jeff Clark..

    Clark wants to slash spending..

    With regard to government spending, Clark is calling for dramatic cuts.

    “We must look at cutting spending across the board — and that includes the military,” he said. “We don’t have the luxury of spending at a breakneck pace anymore.”

    McNeill reports : The Independent Green Tea Party, the Independent Greens “Virginia’s Original Teaparty” have a conservative candidate in Virginia’s 5th District for congress. Jeff Clark is a veteran, businessman, husband, and father.

    Jeff Clark calls for balancing the federal budget, paying off the federal debt. Independent Green candidate Clark wants to stop no bid uncontested contracts at the pentagon. Get out of Iraq and Afghan – Ron Paul like in that regard..

  4. mateo

    Yeah…great credentials. OOPS! Until you investigate a little. PHD from an online diploma mill. Never played a down of professional football. And that’s after spending just 5 minutes checking. Use a little intelligence before you get excited about a no-name candidate people. Remember Alvin Greene?

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