The Daily Californian: No on Prop 14

Every so often, a proposition comes up that seems to be the cure to the ills that plague our state but in reality is nothing but a replacement for the tough reforms that have to be made. Proposition 14 is one example of such populist pandering.

Pushed by Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado, the change to California election law is intended to build bipartisanship in the state legislature and to empower moderates stuck between the conservative and liberal extremes. It does so by creating a “top two” primary election, where voters are able to vote for any candidate on the ballot, regardless of party. The top two vote-getters advance to a run-off for the office. Sounds good, right?

The problem lies in the details. As UCDC Executive Director Bruce Cain asserts, Louisiana and Washington state both have versions of this system, yet few would argue their political leaders are somehow more moderate than our own.

Further, we are concerned about the effect of this ballot proposition on third party voices that would effectively be shut out between the primary and the election. This measure’s supporters do not have much empirical evidence to support their claims, but the danger of Prop. 14 is clear.

Vote ‘no’ on 14.

9 thoughts on “The Daily Californian: No on Prop 14

  1. CAProp14VoteNo

    Vaughn, have you not noticed where all of their Google ads are coming from lately? Its a beautiful thing, if you can see it that way.

    I believe IPR has been beneficial to our cause and I hope its been mutual.

    Its not over tomorrow, win or lose.

    The Daily Californian is the UC Berkeley newspaper. I believe that we can partly credit the UC Berkeley Students for Liberty for this fine Vote No on Prop 14 endorsement for our side.

    Thanks Casey Given!

  2. WakeUP!

    The Ad that should have run:

    “Wake up CAlifornians!

    On June 8th, a tiny cabal of political operatives will present to you a Trojan Horse. It is called Proposition 14.

    Proposition 14 is designed to end free elecions and to end political choice in California elections – forever.

    Under proposition, no independent candidate, no 3rd party candidate, and in fact no candidate of any of today’s political parties will be allowed on the General Election ballot.

    Proposition 14 creates a single, new political party with a single primary. No one outside this new party created by the state will be allowed to place candidates on the general election ballot.

    This new party will place two candidates on the ballot, and all citizens from all parties and all independents will have only those two candidates to choose from.

    All other candidates will be prevented from running in California’s general elections – forever.

    Propostion 14 is evil.

    We’ve seen this system before. It’s very similar to the one party electoral system in the old USSR.

    We need to save our freedom of choice in California elections.

    Vote NO on proposition 14.”

  3. Week End Down Memory Lane......... Don Lake

    WakeUP! // Jun 8, 2010:
    The Ad that should have run:

    “Wake up CAlifornians!

    On June 8th, a tiny cabal of political operatives will present to you a Trojan Horse. It is called Proposition 14 ………”

    If this is sooooooooooo important why hasn’t it (like that funny noise under the hood) been explored and examined earlier, much earlier ??????

    And why blow off half the voters, those that have already voted, the large and growing absentee brigade ??????

    I am the last person to have the final word on this issue. I am basically suspicious and some what negative on the issue.

    But the effort to defeat California’s Proposition 14 seems destined for failure. Tobin, lack of letters to the editor, lack of public forum, lack of EARLY phoning and mail offs, lack of contacting editorial writers, and completely neglecting mailin ballots! Just saying …….

  4. Anonymous Nice Guy


    Are you sure none of this was done? I saw a LOT of anti-14 work as far back as last October especially from Tobin, Winger and the CaLP.

    Facebook has been nuts with Libertarians posting, status messages, events and phone manager promotions since February.

    This may be a “who you know” problem, but considering the activists that I have seen posting, I don’t think it was an exclusive crowd.

    One thing does disturb me: The want to posthumously criticize people and their efforts is really rank just on the face of it. Seriously, anyone in retrospect can do better with talk. I most respect those that really do walk the walk.

    If you wish it was you really walking that walk, all it takes is for you to start taking steps.

    The CaLP office is regularly looking for volunteers for instance. That volunteer list was contacted for phone calling missions quite a ways back. You dont have to live in California for them to appreciate long distance work.

    A letter to the editor campaign is a one man operation as is setting up a facebook event and a website that helps other send those letters.

    A lone individual might even throw a bunch of their own money at setting up an organization like Free and Equal.

    The new world we live in is one of a highly empowered individual.

    Feel the Power!

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