TPID covers California Prop 14 (Top Two) battle


Libertarian Party of Ohio Endorses “Stop Top Two” Initiative in California

A press release sent to TPID via email:

Columbus, OH – June 4, 2010. The Libertarian Party of Ohio announced today that it is supporting the STOP Top Two initiative currently underway in California. The Libertarian Party of Ohio Central Committee, as well as the Executive Committee, has voted to support the Libertarian Party of California, as well as the California Republican Party and the California Democratic Party in supporting STOP Top Two.

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[paulie said…

Somewhat confusing wording. This makes it sound like they are asking for a yes vote on some other initiative, rather than a no vote on 14. Also, for some odd reason IPR isn’t on their distribution list?]

CA: Local Green’s Position on Ballot Issues and November Election

Op-Ed Argues Top-Two Will Lead to One-Party Races

From the LA Daily News:

WHAT if you opened up your November ballot and discovered that your only two choices for attorney general were both Republicans? Or that your only two choices for lieutenant governor were both Democrats?

If Proposition 14 were already in effect, there’s a real possibility that such an outlandish outcome could occur. Here are the top two reasons to reject Prop. 14, also called the “Top Two” primary. First, Prop. 14 will stifle political competition and debate. Second, Prop. 14 will deprive voters of a full range of candidate choices.


2 thoughts on “TPID covers California Prop 14 (Top Two) battle

  1. Luke McKellar

    I contacted our LPO communications department to make sure that IPR is added to our distribution list. It is odd, since we have a link to IPR on our website.

  2. CAProp14VoteNot

    Thank you OHIO!!!

    The Philadelphia Inquirer (Michael Smerconish) just endorsed Prop. 14 and said Pennsylvania should have it. Anybody in the PA LP out there to copy Ohio on this tomorrow and counter the corporate media from Philly? mentions in/at

    New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC (National), The Nation (oldest weekly mag in the US), Reason, LP release, and numerous CA media articles the last week. Millions of voters reached!

    LP CA is calling *thanks Flood& Knapp, for promoting in comments*, doing radio, and lots of great work. One LP CA candidate ran his own radio ads, In The News, great stuff.

    Green, Peace and Freedom ran TV ads.

    Reps and Dems are doing direct mail, email, sample ballots, and hundreds of thousands of phone bank calls, even though no big money for media ads.

    This can be won, and it will be closer than they think!!!

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