Green Party of Ohio Convention Tomorrow

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The Green Party of Ohio will be having a state wide convention on Saturday, July 24th., Room 100 in the Northwood Bldg., 2231 North High St. Columbus Ohio. 10 am to 4pm.

MEET Green Party of Ohio’s Candidates

Dennis Spisak Governor

Anita Rios Lt. Governor

Dennis Lambert 89th Ohio State House Representative

Rich Stevenson US Rep District 1

Press Conference at 10:30 a.m.

For the first time in history Ohio voters had the option of requesting a Green Party ballot in a primary election and over a thousand Ohio voters rejected the two corporate parties and voted Green. This was an important step forward on a long road towards true political change but there are many more steps that we must take if we are to build a political tool for concrete and meaningful social change. So we, the newly elected Central Committee of the Ohio Green Party, are calling out to all those who voted Green in the May 4th primary, and anyone else who wants to get involved (regardless of party affiliation) to join us in Columbus on July 24, 10am to 4pm.

You can RSVP and find more information on our Facebook page:

6 thoughts on “Green Party of Ohio Convention Tomorrow

  1. Green Party Conservative

    Would like to hear Green Party’s David Cobb speak…

    Brother Cobb has those Baptist preacher Texas roots…and can give a whale of Green Party political steamwinder speech….

    Thanks for news of the hard working Ohio Green Party..

  2. Green Party Conservative

    The Fairfax Times and Times Newspapers, reporter Kali Schmutz with news of the Independent Greens of Virginia…

    The Independent Green Party of Virginia has a full slate of 11 congressional candidates (endorsee nominees) on ballot in each of Virginia’s congressional Districts.

    Kali reports on the northern Virginia Indy Green candidates David Gillis in the 11th distict and Ron “for Rail” Fisher…

    The Indy Greens advocate nationwide high speed rail…”More Trains, Less Traffic”..

    Is this the year the Indy Greens break through to elective office in Virginia…

    Experts: Name recognition, voting record add to greater collection of contributions
    by Kali Schumitz | Staff Writer

  3. Green Party Conservative

    The Times story includes quotes from the Oil Party – read George W. Bush Big Government borrow and spend party – political hack Rozell..

    Mark Rozell, a professor of public policy at George Mason University…

    For years Rozell is a fox news like puppet who parrots the Oil Party propoganda ….

    A real scum bucket this Rozell, who has never run for office…and is so worthless refuses to take phone calls, respond to emails, or even answer in public for his propogandizing…

    Rozell should be fired from the GMU … a state public university…

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