Green Party candidate leads protests against Cuyahoga County, OH official

Green Party candidate for Cuyahoga County Executive David Ellison recently led a protest, also attended by Green candidate for County Council Alan Crossman and a Democratic candidate, calling for the resignation of the county’s auditor.  The auditor, Frank Russo, is currently being investigated by federal officials in a corruption probe.  From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

We’re adding our names to the people asking for his resignation,” said David Ellison, the Green executive hopeful who assembled about 15 people and his dog for the afternoon demonstration outside the County Administration Building. “Regardless of if he is innocent or guilty, there is nothing good that could come from him remaining in office.”

Russo and Commissioner Jimmy Dimora are at the center of an ongoing federal probe of corruption in county government. Neither Democrat has been charged, and each maintains his innocence. More than 30 others have pleaded guilty to corruption-related crimes…

Alan Crossman and Timothy Trogdon, two candidates for a new County Council, also participated. Crossman is a Green running in District 3, Trogdon a Democrat in District 7. Ellison said he invited all candidates for council seats, but not for executive, to attend the protest.

7 thoughts on “Green Party candidate leads protests against Cuyahoga County, OH official

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    David Ellison is gaining a lot of spoiler votes in this race, and has a good chance of ruining the triumph of the Catholic Trotskyist Democratic candidate.
    There, much better.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    Who am I? A good question. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the messenger of God and the healer of the world.

  3. Employee1219

    So the protesters that stood outside and called employee’s names as they left work are representatives of the Green Party? I’m glad I know that now as I will never associate myself with people whom attack innocent individuals trying to make a living.

    In addition as those individuals acted with rude & crass behavior the others stood by watched & said nothing. You could never convince me that this group would stand for anything more positive than the criminals we are now suffering through.

    Thanks for showing your true colors Green Party

  4. davelsn


    Most of the people there would deny their membership in the Green Party. There were actually very few members of the Green Party present, and we didn’t call anyone names.

    The people assembled were not “protesters”. We were merely picketing and asking for an elected official’s resignation according to our fundamental constitutional rights. I don’t recall any name calling except by the county employees muttering under their breath in contempt of those of us who want Frank Russo to resign… understandable given they probably owe their jobs to his patronage and the system of corruption, cronyism and contempt that we are trying to change.

    The people have suffered under arrogant and incompetent county employees for years. If elected, I’ll be asking for the resignation of all county employees who don’t respect the citizenry and who don’t intend to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. If I am elected and you work for the county and have an attitude that is disrespectful of the public or if you are willing to let criminal behavior take place under your nose, you will be identified and removed along with the criminals. Silence is complicity. If I am elected, you should prepare for the civil service examinations and the ethics training you’ll be getting… and you should lose the attitude while you’re at it.

    David Ellison, Green Party Candidate for Cuyahoga County Executive

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