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Tea Partier John Krupa Withdraws From Gubernatorial Race

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John Krupa, a self-proclaimed “tea party” candidate for governor, has withdrawn from the race in the face of a challenge of his petition signatures.

Krupa’s lawyer, David Montgomery, said he signed the withdrawal papers on Sunday. He filed them Monday, just before a hearing on a challenge to Krupa’s candidacy was to begin in Commonwealth Court in Philadelphia.

Some Tea Party groups have openly attacked Krupa’s candidacy, claiming he had not taken the time to build connections with the Tea Party movement and had help from Democrats to get on the ballot. Krupa originally planned to run on the Constitution Party line before turning in petitions as a Tea Party candidate.

This leaves Libertarian Marakay Rogers as the sole minor party or independent candidate on the ballot in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race. No word yet on if the Libertarian slate will survive, although they turned in more petitions than Krupa or the Greens. Ballot access hearings continue on the matter.

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  1. Tags: Constitution Party; Right-wing minor parties ——- and yet no Dem or GOP designation.

    Thanks for the two years of continuing California’s American Independence Party connection / affiliation with the declining national Constitution Party.

    An association that does not exist. Thanks for every thing. It sure help to get me mad enuf to register my self and others AIP, a minor right of center party, NOT affiliated with the crumbling, imploding Constitution Party …….

    Thanks, thanks alot!

  2. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist August 16, 2010

    Very unfortunate. We need more independent Tea party candidates in order to divide the Republican Party. Despite the abominable pro-choice views of many Democratic politicians and voters, the Republican Party is still the enemy that we most need to beat in order to establish Catholic Trotskyism throughout the US and throughout the world.

  3. NewFederalist NewFederalist August 16, 2010

    In Pennsylvania if you aren’t certain you have enough valid signatures you drop out before it costs you all you assets. Great system!

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