Update: Georgia Libertarian/Republican Facebook Controversy, Neo-Nazi Support for GOP’s Deal Goes Back at Least Five Years

Yesterday, Red Phillips relayed word of a controversy in Georgia that revolves around a comment by GA Libertarian Party Operations Director Brett Bittner.  In a Facebook comment, Bittner had noted that Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal is on the same side of the immigration issue as members of the National Socialist Movement, and linked to a post at IPR on a neo-Nazi anti-immigration rally recently held in Los Angeles.

A number of Georgia Republicans took offense, with one calling it “extremely offensive and inappropriate” that the Libertarian would state that “Nathan Deal and everyone associated with the Georgia Republican Party are white supremacist Naizs because they’re against illegal immigration.”  (See the post by Red Phillips above.)  The problem, however, is that this is not what Bittner had said, nor is this equation even implied by his comment.  Bittner had rather pointed out that Nathan Deal and the National Socialist Movement share the same position on immigration policy, ironically stating that Deal was in “good company.”

As it turns out, members of the white supremacist movement have been supporters of GOP gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal for years.  From my post on this “controversy” at Poli-Tea:

Nathan Deal is a vocal and active opponent of illegal immigration. As a member of the House of Representatives, the Democrat-turned-Republican introduced a bill to rework the 14th Amendment to the Constitution in order to eliminate birthright citizenship . . . in the present context it is worth noting that white supremacists and Nazis do support Nathan Deal because of his stance on  illegal immigration . . .

A search of the web forum Stormfront demonstrates longtime support for Nathan Deal in the white supremacist and Nazi community. A post from 2005 carries an “Urgent” announcement regarding the bill introduced by Deal mentioned above, urging readers to pressure their representatives to support it . . . Others in the forum voiced support, saying, for instance: “This sounds good to me! This would get rid of the “Anchor baby” that all Illegal aliens try to foist on us as “They are Americans” Baloney!” [sic.]

Deal’s bill has received fairly regular attention, and an almost wholly positive reception, at Stormfront over the years. From 2007: “I like this mans thinking. Anchor babies must go to. I concider them illegal as well.” [sic.] More recently, Deal received an “Amen” for advocating that Georgia adopt an immigration policy modeled on Arizona’s controversial new law. Contributors to Stormfront have also appreciated Nathan Deal’s efforts to obtain a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate . . . [See original post for source links.]

In response, Gene Berkman commented on the reasons why extremists would back mainstream candidates:

Extremists back mainstream candidates, and praise actions of mainstream politicians for several reasons.

(a) on any issue, the direction of an action is important, even if it does not go far enough for the extremist. So a Communist will back a Democrat that favors nationalized health care, even if the Dem. does not want to nationalize steel factories. A Nazi will favor conservative candidates who are for restricting immigration, even if they don’t go as far as the Nazi will.

(b) Extremists seek support from the same constituencies that back mainstream parties and mainstream candidates. The Communist Party does not just back Democrats – they attack other left wing third parties that might split the vote. . . .

no mainstream candidate, and no third party candidate, can avoid having crazy people among their supporters, so keep that in mind when discussing political controversies.

But why was Bittner’s comment picked up and trumpeted by likely supporters of Nathan Deal to begin with?  One Georgian political observer argues that Georgia Republicans fear a strong showing by GA Libertarian gubernatorial candidate John Monds.  SWGA Politics writes “Of Brett Bittner and Erick Erickson”:

Erick is seeking to discredit the Libertarian Party of Georgia because he sees that it is entirely possible that John Monds could get 20% of the vote on November 2, thereby earning LP-Ga the same ballot access that is currently enjoyed by only the Democrats and Republicans in Georgia. Erick doesn’t want that to happen, because it would threaten his Party’s deathgrip on this State – even though Republicans over the last 8 years have shown themselves to be little better than the Democrats before them or their National counterparts when it comes to fiscal conservatism and individual liberty.

John Monds is currently polling 5% support and may force a runoff in the Georgia gubernatorial race.

16 thoughts on “Update: Georgia Libertarian/Republican Facebook Controversy, Neo-Nazi Support for GOP’s Deal Goes Back at Least Five Years

  1. Red Phillips

    Ending birthright citizenship does not require the “reworking” of the illegally passed 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment was not intended to grant citizenship to every person born on our soil. It was intended to make sure that former slaves were given citizenship. Birthright citizenship wasn’t read into the Amendment until much later.

  2. d.eris

    Thanks for pointing that out Red. From what I’ve read, the bill (the Citizenship Reform Act of 2005) would amend immigration and nationality law changing the definition of who is “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States,” which is in the language of the 14th amendment. So, rather than “rework” maybe “re-define” or “re-interpret”, or “work around current interpretation” or something.

  3. Eric Dondero

    A much more interesting news story, getting a near complete blackout by the libertarian media, is Chuck Donovan being endorsed by the Clayton County Republican Party.

    You see, he won their endorsment, cause the Clayton GOPers were pissed at Isakson for not taking the Obama Birth certicate issue serious enough. And that, well, is a bit of an embarrassment to some LPers who don’t want to be seen as bashing Obama.

    So, complete blackout of a Republican Party endorsing a Libertarian for US Senate. Un-friggin-believable!

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    Hey Eric, how are you feeling about McCain’s win in the primary tonight? this is a great victory for Catholic Trotskyism; amnesty for illegal immigrants will continue and the destruction of American sovereignty will continue, which is very great development.

  5. d.eris

    Eric, I’ve come across that story at a number of outlets. Or were those all your postings?

    Aren’t there a couple local GOP groups that have endorsed LP’ers in a few states?

  6. Thomas L. Knapp

    “the Clayton GOPers were pissed at Isakson for not taking the Obama Birth certicate issue serious enough. And that, well, is a bit of an embarrassment to some LPers who don’t want to be seen as bashing Obama. ”

    No, it’s not an embarrassment to some LPers who don’t want to be seen as “bashing Obama.”

    It’s an embarrassment to some LPers who don’t want to be seen as crazy as shithouse rats.

    There’s a difference.

  7. Michael H. Wilson

    What the nut cases don’t seem to realize is that as our nation ages it will need younger people working and paying taxes to support the older retired people on Social Security and Medicare otherwise the oldster will for sure not be voting Republican since those idiots will want to reduce benefits. The immigrants crossing the border legally or otherwise will soften the burden.

    ‘course the whole mess may go down the shitter at some point but that’s another story.

  8. Gene Berkman

    I do not know the current Georgia law, but in the past a general election candidate was required to win at least 50% or there would be a run-off election. Twice, I believe, in the run-off the Libertarian candidate campaigned for the Republican, and helped elect the Republican.

    Republicans attacking Libertarians threaten their own prospects for success, if a run-off is still required.

  9. Doug Craig

    Gene it is still 50 plus 1. We have caused a few run offs in georgia and will do it again this year but this year the goal is to finish in the top two. If you get a cahnce please friend the Chuck Donovan campaign on face book

  10. paulie

    No, it?s not an embarrassment to some LPers who don?t want to be seen as ?bashing Obama.?

    It?s an embarrassment to some LPers who don?t want to be seen as crazy as shithouse rats.

    I’ve solved the mystery of the missing birth certificate!

    Some of us thought, during Dubai-ya Bush’s court-appointed reign of error, that there was a high chance he would call off the pretense of elections entirely, and use some (possibly engineered) tragic event to stay in office under “emergency” martial law — the better to avoid war crimes prosecution.

    But, I think he stumbled on something even more clever: he went to Mexico, got a tan and some plastic surgery, dropped the fake hillbilly accent and phony dumb cowboy act, and made his way around the pesky problem of the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution by being elected under a fake name: Barack Obama.

    Not only does this explain why his policies are so seamlessly continuous from one term to the next, but it solves the mystery of the “missing” birth certificate that is constantly brought up by the birther nuts – even though he was obviously in fact born in the US. It’s just that he was not born as Barack Obama, but as George W. Bush, son of George H. W. Bush.

    Sure, I know how absurd and far-fetched this may sound to some, but can anyone provide a better hypothesis to fit all the observed facts? :-P

  11. paulie

    In response to Dondero asking how Obama is like Bush…

    How is it again, that Obama is like Bush?

    Bush started two unconstitutional wars against civilian populations which did not attack the US. Obama has continued them, and ramped one up.

    Bush suspended numerous civil liberties under the false pretense of fighting terrorism. Obama has continued the practice.

    Bush increased government spending faster than any president since FDR and led us into a severe recession which many people believe is a new depression. Obama has continued the same big government policies and the economy still sucks.

    Bush got the federal government more involved with medical care (Medicare Part D), and so did Obama. Bush got the feds more involved with education (“No Child’s Behind Left”). Obama probably will take us further down the same road.

    Bush revived legalized torture, indefinite detention and secret prisons. Obama has not stopped it.

    Bush’s drug enforcement goons raided medical marijuana facilities which were legal under state law. So have Obama’s.

    Under Bush, the government revived the practice of prosecuting people for obscenity. This has continued under Obama.

    I could go on, but I think it is easier to surmise that there is no Barack Obama,
    it’s just W under a fake name.

    Barack Obama is an inside job…

    MPP reports:

    Under the direction of acting-administrator Michele Leonhart, the DEA has gone rogue. They are continuing to raid homes and businesses in compliance with state medical marijuana laws in direct opposition to the directive from the Department of Justice. Leonhart has been nominated to take over as head of the DEA

    The latest edition of MPP Insider newsletter (via email) says that the Obama-Biden gang is going ahead with the nomination despite MPP’s efforts. This is a kick in the nuts that some very sick and dying people certainly don’t need or deserve.

    Thus, one of the very few remaining areas where the Obama regime was supposed to be an improvement over Bush has gone the way of the dodo bird. One can only hope that Leonhart, and everyone involved with her nomination, chokes on their own vomit while receiving irrumatio from a prison guard, after going blind slowly from glaucoma, in a Guantanamo Bay holding cell. Alternatively, for those of you with a more forgiving and religious bent, you may want to pray that God have mercy on their souls.

    Every time it looks like Obama has finally done something good, he weasels his way out of it. The more I think about it, the more it seems he really is George W. Bush in disguise.

  12. Erik G.

    wolfefan @8 is correct. Xenophobes have been hyping up this whole “the 14th amendment was only for slaves – not for everyone!” angle over the past month or so without any understanding of history.

    The reason behind the 14th Amendment being intended to also grant citizenship to former slaves was to establish the idea that former slaves were, in fact, humans of equal standing with whites.

    All white people born in the United States prior to the 14th Amendment were granted birthright citizenship, for example.

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