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Video: New York Libertarian candidate Warren Redlich comments on “mosque” controversy

Libertarian Party blog:

Libertarian Warren Redlich is running for Governor of New York. In this video he points out the problems with his opponents’ position on the New York mosque controversy:

Visit the Redlich campaign website.

Other takes on the “mosque” controversy: John Jay Myers, Darryl Perry, Wayne Root (1) and (2), John Hospers, Reactions to Root’s piece from the libertarian blogosphere, LNC member Daniel Wiener, Tom Knapp, Kristin Davis, Warren Redlich (print commentary), Carl Paladino, and LPHQ interns Marissa Giannotta and Josh Roll.

Also at Redlich’s site recently:

Radio interview, more

Warren was interviewed today on: The Capitol Pressroom.

Thanks to Susan Arbetter and her team for this.

Yesterday Warren drove out to speak at an event with the Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce (south of Syracuse). It was a great event with over 100 people, and several candidates including a couple of other Governor candidates. They seemed to appreciate the Stop Wasting Money message.

Tuesday we filed 34,000 signatures. That was quite an accomplishment and we had help from many, many volunteers. After filing, Warren was interviewed on Capital Tonight:

Thanks to Liz Benjamin and Michael Johnson for doing this.

Paladino “refudiates” Tea Party principles again

Carl Paladino “refudiates” another Tea Party principle in his new proposal to federalize lower Manhattan. The 10th Amendment protects the rights of the States and the People against the federal government. This is a critical issue within the Tea Party movement.

Warren Redlich, the Libertarian candidate for Governor and a speaker at several Tea Party events, rejected Paladino’s latest proposal: “History has shown us what happens when people give power to bigoted strongmen with a disregard for the fundamental rules of government.”

Paladino previously disregarded the Tea Party movement’s opposition both to eminent domain abuse and reckless government spending by proposing a New York State taking of the area around the World Trade Center.

In addition, Paladino has personally benefited from “economic development” and openly advocates for it in his campaign. This corporate welfare, in the form of bailouts, was one of the biggest sparks in the explosion of the Tea Party movement.

And of course, Paladino gave $1000 to Senator Chuck Schumer’s campaign on June 30, 2009, five days after Schumer announced his plan for a “public option” in federal health insurance reform.

“Carl Paladino does not believe in the Tea Party movement,” Redlich said, “He and his consultants are merely using the movement to advance their own personal agendas.”

NYSERDA – A Poster Child for Government Run Amok

I did a little research tonight, looking at the payroll of a number of state agencies. I’ve been troubled for a while by the Office for Technology (OFT). The Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) has a rather large payroll for what should be a simple set of tasks.

But the one that hit me tonight was NYSERDA, the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority. With 284 employees (assuming they’re not hiding anyone), total payroll was $19.2 Million in 2009. That averages out to $67K. The average employee makes $67K?

But that’s not the best part. This is – job titles.

Assistant Project Coordinators: 5

Assistant Project Managers: 25

Associate Project Managers: 19

25 letters left in the alphabet.

Directors: 14

Finance Aides: 5

Information Technology Administrators: 5

Office Administrators: 8

Office Managers: 9

This is where it starts to get interesting.

Program Managers: 23

Project Coordinators: 24

Project Managers: 40

40 project managers? This would be a cruel joke if we weren’t paying for it.

Senior Office Administrators: 9

Senior Project Managers: 37

I was blown away by the 40 project managers, and now it turns out there are 37 senior ones?

Of the NYSERDA employees, 150, or more than half, are project managers or coordinators. That doesn’t include the 55 directors, program managers, office managers and office administrators.

Who do all these people direct, manage and/or coordinate?

Here’s my favorite:

Receptionists: 1

I think I’ve found another agency we can eliminate from the state budget.

The Ron Paul and Rand Paul Candidate

Warren Redlich is the Ron Paul candidate for Governor of New York State.

Ron Paul has been one of Warren’s favorite leaders for years. Warren mentioned Dr. Paul back in a 2006 radio interview – there’s a link to it on this page.

Warren supports Rand Paul too. Warren gave money to both of their campaigns. He has spoken out for both in the press and on blogs.

If you live in New York and want to support a Ron Paul candidate for Governor, Warren is it. Please browse this website and read more about Warren’s plan to shrink NY government.

Short video – Alex Rodriguez

Here’s our Alex Rodriguez video. Just something quick, trying to see what his New York fans think:

Internet Challenge

Warren Redlich issued a challenge today to the other Governor candidates: Make your website information available to the public.

The Redlich campaign today published a sample “Google Analytics” report of the campaign website’s traffic, available at Additional reports are available to media upon request.

The websites of Andrew Cuomo, Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino all have Google Analytics code allowing them to produce similar reports. Redlich asked: “What do they have to hide?”

According to, the Redlich campaign’s website is leading in web traffic., has an Alexa rank of 700,000. Paladino’s site,, is ranked 950,000, Cuomo’s,, is at 1.17 million, and Lazio’s,, is at 1.9 million. Lower numbers mean more more traffic.

Alexa ( ) is the best known web tool for comparing website traffic.

Redlich criticized the other candidate websites. “Just like their campaigns, their websites lack substance. They’re thin on the issues.” Redlich did credit the Paladino website for one thing, “at least they list an e-mail address. What does it say about Lazio and Cuomo that they don’t even give people a way to e-mail them?”

Alexa links:





Radio Monday – WPYX 106.5 FM Albany

Thanks to Wolf, Ellen and Steve at PYX 106 for having me on this morning. And thanks to Jeff Russell for recording it. You can listen to it at this link:

July 26 Redlich PYX

New campaign video

Our latest campaign video, Money in New York Politics:

Interview on WIZR 930 AM in Johnstown

Thanks to Rick Morrison for interviewing me and for recording it so we can share with you.

In the first part, he asked me about Carl Paladino’s campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. The beginning of the interview, along with the question and beginning of my answer, were accidentally cut off.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Rangel Video

Not really an issue for the Governor’s race, but this is too good:

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