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Former South Carolina State Legislator runs for State House, 37th District, as a Constitution Party candidate


–CP Press Release–

Mr. Ralph Davenport, the owner of Davenport Glass Co., a conservative and former member of the South Carolina House, has switched from the Republican Party to the Constitution Party. After serving 22 years in the House as a Republican, he is now running for the SC House on the Constitution Party ticket.

Mr. Davenport has devised a plan to help the people regain control of their state government. It is very sound and can be implemented with the support of people like you and me.

In short, we have an experienced statesman who has a workable plan to accomplish something we have all worked for but never had the means to achieve. Now we do.

Ralph Davenport’s plan, if elected, is to form a caucus of House members who would work as a non-partisan group to block bad legislation and promote Constitutional legislation. The caucus members could be a combination of Republicans, Democrats, Constitutionalists and Independents and a total of ten or fifteen of them would be enough to achieve its goal.

Ralph Davenport has a record of standing up for what is right. He was one of a few who voted against approval of the state budget because it contained funding for abortion. Many of his Republican colleagues in the House blocked many of his efforts to give South Carolinians more control of their State government. Among the legislation that Ralph tried to get passed was the ability to recall incumbent wayward politicians, petition initiative and recorded votes. Now, Ralph has a Party that supports his efforts.

Leaders like Ralph Davenport who have always worked for the best interest of the people don’t come along every day. He has an outstanding conservative voting record, plenty of experience and a person of high moral character. He is a Christian who takes his faith seriously.

Ralph Davenport’s character, voting record, experience and name recognition combine to give him an excellent opportunity of being re-elected to his SC House seat in Spartanburg County.

A Davenport victory will enhance the electability of future Constitution Party candidates. His plan could result in very valuable Constitutional protections and enormous benefits for ALL South Carolinians.


  1. Cody Quirk September 17, 2010

    You wish Lake, but then again, wrapping toilet paper around your head will not make you mentally competent.

  2. it’s possible, it’s possible *deputy dawg cartoon voice over* …………

    Mean while, on the other coast, fence sitters inch from [centimeter? away?] from Chuckie Baldwin and the imploding [Lake’s term] national [so called] Constitution Party!

    REference: Thu, September 16, 2010 11:03:30 AM

    REference: Don Lake: National AIP linkage …….. look to Taxachusetts

    Jerry Leidecker

    To: Donald Lake

    Regarding Chelene [Ward Nightingale], my campaign is not about other candidates, It is about my campaign so I don’t care to make it about their campaigns.

    Regarding Don, many people, including myself, have issues with Don Grundman. I do not wish to be drawn into party bickering, so I will not say more.

    Regarding the Constitution Party. I am an American Independent Party Candidate. If anyone or group supports my campaign like the Constitution Party thats more support, and thats what campaigning is all about. If the Republicans or Democrats or any others wish to see the value of my candidacy I welcome all.

    — On Tue, 9/14/10, Donald Lake wrote:

    From: Donald Lake
    Subject: Don Lake: National AIP linkage …….. look to Taxachusetts
    To: [email protected], [email protected]
    Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2010, 12:35 AM

  3. Trent Hill September 15, 2010

    Excellent change for the CP to capture a seat in the SC House.

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