In New York: Working Families Party makes interesting endorsement

(excerpt from) Long Island Press
Cuomo Accepts Working Families Party Endoresment

By Associated Press on September 12th, 2010

Democrat Andrew Cuomo is accepting the endorsement of the left-leaning Working Families Party in his run to be New York’s next governor…

The party in a written statement is backing Cuomo’s platform in which he promises to cut state spending and confront special interests including those backing the Working Families Party…

Note from KW: In New York State, there are three “classes” of parties: The major parties – The Democrats and Republicans – who are automatic ballot status, and split control of the Board of Elections; Automatic Ballot status parties (such as Working Families Party) who earn and retain each four years the right to run candidates more easily; and “independent political parties”, such as The Libertarian Party in New York, who have some history and rights as a party, but do not have automatic ballot status (unless and until they earn it at the next Governor’s race by getting 50,000 votes).

5 thoughts on “In New York: Working Families Party makes interesting endorsement

  1. Gene Berkman

    Clearly the WFP is doing this to maintain their ballot status.

    If Andrew Cuomo were really committed to cutting state spending and confronting special interest groups, he would refuse to accept the nomination of the Working Families Party. This could have solidified his support among moderate upstate Democrats and independents.

  2. Green Party Conservative

    This is a confusing story for a non New Yorker.

    It has been reported that Cuomo would be the nominee of his party, and the Independence Party of New York. New York has fusion allowing a candidate to be on the ballot line of TWO parties at the same time.

    Not Three. Therefore it seems this “endorsement” leaves WFP without a candidate on their ballot line.

    Which would mean they lose their ballot line.

    The only way to win ballot status, or maintain it in New York is to get over 50,000 votes in the Governor race.

    Correct me if wrong folks…

  3. Kimberly Wilder

    Green Party Conservative:

    You are incorrect. A candidate in NY has the potential of getting a separate ballot line for the two major parties AND as many other “automatic ballots status” parties as they can.
    So, Cuomo will probably appear on the Democrat, Independence, and Working Families line.

    I think I know what you are thinking of. In most races in NY, if a candidate collects signatures on two “independent body” lines (non-automatic ballot status such as Green Party or Libartarian Party in NY), then the candidate must use some of those as a mere added “symbol” squished on another ballot line.

    [My husband notes, that this scenario does not even apply to the Governor, State Assembly, or State Senate. Those NY lawmakers excepted themselves out of this, and many other rules, to make sure that incumbents have the absolute easiest path to get on the ballot, gather supporters and donors, and keep other candidates off the ballot in their own races!]

  4. pete healey

    The WFP isn’t an independent third party by any definition. That’s the point of this charade. They are subordinate to the Democrats in almost every instance.

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