Mike Gravel on Obama, Petraeus, and 2012

Posted at the Huffington Post and the Hill’s Congress Blog:

General David Petraeus, through his own self promotion and a meager field of viable candidates, has been touted by certain Republican interests as a potential candidate for president in 2012. President Obama may feel he scotched that possibly by demoting Petraeus to commander of the Afghan War. “Obama’s War” has become “Petraeus and Obama’s War.” The President must be gloating over what he thinks is a deft political move.

However, he shouldn’t gloat too much. In fact, he may have sowed the seeds of his own destruction. Obama should be parsing Petraeus’ recent media-blitz statements very carefully. The General is raising doubts about the efficacy of a draw down next August, a position the President is politically committed to. The General is also touting modest progress in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Making the draw down an issue in 2011 is an ideal opportunity for Petraeus to dislodge himself from owning the Afghan War and at the same time to thrust himself into the fray as a Republican Party candidate.

34 thoughts on “Mike Gravel on Obama, Petraeus, and 2012

  1. Luke McKellar

    2012! Year of Direct Democracy! Bring on Socialism!

    And Ross, before you respond; direct democracy is the gateway to 51 wolves and 49 lambs deciding what’s for dinner, to use an old cliche.

  2. News Whore

    Hey by the way thanks to IPR for reposting every article having to do with “3rd parties” or other stuff…and reposting press releases…and stuff that certain people post from confidential sources…

    Do you guys ever post original stuff? No offense but it seems like this site is just a whore for stealing other articles…please prove me wrong.

  3. Robert Milnes

    News Whore, aka Robert E. Milnes?
    “Do you guys ever post original stuff?”
    Who assigned you to IPR, the FBI?
    What are you doing, kissing ass for a sentence reduction?
    Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 35?
    Who is calling who a whore?
    Now present your ass to me. & I will take it or leave it, as I choose.

  4. Not afraid and not a troll

    Robert, if you wanted to get your point across you wouldn’t troll this site…I happen to like it for information but people like you screw it up for everyone.

    if you want to win friends, play nicely. If you want to troll for fish and not catch any, you are doing a great job!


  5. [[[[[[[......not lake or milnes....]]]]]

    News is news and PLAS or PALS is not news. Quit your shit. Apparently the owners like you so you aren’t banned…I like this site for the news, not the drama, so quit your dumbass shit. OK every now and then but I’ve had enough. And so have other people.

    Hey if you are that popular why don’t the owners start a new story….I’d like it very much. And keep it there. “Lake vs Milnes.”

  6. Catholic Trotskyist

    In the Lake V. Milnes so-called troll controversy, I, Catholic Trotskyist, would have to endorse Milnes. At least he has a clear writing style; you know what he stands for right away.

  7. [[[[[[[......not lake or milnes....or Trotskyist]]]]]

    Trotskyist ok, just stop the stupid crap with [[[[[[[[……..lake……]]]]]]]]]] and mobert rilnes…

    not calling YOU a troll…at least you don’t post every fifth time!….

    Milnes needs to go to sleep…he got old way before this post.

    LOL you endorse him; well I endorse the anti-milnes. That means the SALP. I endorse SALP. PLAS is dead.

    Wanna keep this facade up? haha. SALP endorses everything tha PLAS is against.

  8. Robert Milnes

    If you like the site, why don’t you defend it? re: News Whore @3.
    I don’t think the owner/s or operator/s either like or dislike me. They have a policy, that’s all. Once you start banning…that has its own problems.
    There is no Milnes v Lake.

  9. Robert E. Milnes

    I would support the banning of my alter-egos. It is getting harder and harder to make a living on the internet. We should all take the time to found Leftist Libertarian And Moderate (LLAM) Alliances (LLAMA) in our towns. When I call the local commies at the community college FOOLS to their faces, they will see the error of their ways and join me in taking over the administration of Parks and Services for the benefit of all, dissolving them and running the rec centers cooperatively, just as the Libertarians want but without YOGA, because the Moderates think it’s too sexy.
    I will be the only person capable of running the rec center under these circumstances. Lifetime employment for me. With the money I make, I can travel the country calling people FOOLS to their faces and establishing LLAMAs that will take over city, state, federal governments and the United Nations, inaugurating an era of peace, prosperity, and guaranteed employment for me.

  10. Robert E. Milnes

    Don’t LOL. My magical dollar will stretch far enough to win me the nomination of every single political party. Even the Democraps and Repukelicans will climb on board the Milnes Express when they hear about the LLAMAs! The more the merrier.

  11. Catholic Trotskyist

    I’m not Mobert Rilnes or Robert E. Milnes. I think that’s probably NewFederalist, but I can’t be sure. He usually seems to make reasonable comments, but then I seem reasonable when I’m not on here. We need this site to take out our mental frustrations on.
    I do have multiple personalities (The Last Conservative, A Different Green Party Conservative, and some others) but I’m not making fun of Milnes.

  12. NewFederalist

    Not me. I only post under this moniker. Check IP addresses if it’s that important. I am surprised and disappointed that Catholic Trotskyist would think so ill of me.

  13. paulie

    Hey by the way thanks to IPR for reposting every article having to do with “3rd parties” or other stuff

    Not every article. None of us have time for that. We get complaints every day from people that send us stuff we don’t have time to get to.

    and reposting press releases

    Yes, that’s one of the things we do.

    and stuff that certain people post from confidential sources…

    Not to my knowledge, we generally try to respect private communications, although it is possible that at times we are unaware that something may not have been intended for wider distribution, and: each IPR writer makes their own posting decisions – articles are not pre-screened, and only very rarely pulled.

    Do you guys ever post original stuff?

    Yes, but we have more articles that are not original. Honestly, when I have spent a lot of time re-writing something or writing something original, it usually does not get more comments or traffic than something which takes 2-3 minutes or even less. And, we get more traffic and/or comments on reposts than they generally get on other sites (except professional media sites with paid staff, which we are not).

    No offense but it seems like this site is just a whore for stealing other articles…please prove me wrong.

    We don’t steal anything. The original owners still have every article we have ever posted. When you steal something from someone, they no longer have it.

    In the case of many of our articles, they were explicitly sent to us to be posted here. Others (such as Ballot Access News) have given us specific permission to reprint. Other still (such as LPblog) could easily tell us if they don’t want to be reprinted, although it does give them an opportunity to receive feedback without it being posted on the official LP site and mistaken by some for official party views. Finally, we do also at times link to/excerpt professional media stories. My original understanding was that they had to notify us if they wanted something taken down, but since the righthaven lawsuit we have been a lot more careful in that regard.

  14. paulie

    Apparently the owners like you so you aren’t banned…

    Not being banned is not necessarily a sign that any particular commenter is liked.

  15. Robert E. Milnes

    I’m not so sure that Catholic Trotskyist and Robert Milnes aren’t sharing subcompartments of my lizard brain. I black out sometimes, but the computer is always humming.

  16. Mobert Rilnes

    As for me, I read IPR almost daily and the real Milnes drives me nuts… so at times when I have a spare minute and Milnes advocates something particularly kooky, I post as a way to mock him openly.

    For instance, his continual references to TR and polling from 1912… sweet tap-dancing Christ, stop.

    So support SLAP! Socialist+Libertarian+Anarchist+Progressives
    It makes as much ‘sense’ as PLAS.

    wow, I have dedicated too much time to this foolishness today…

    Abolish the State.

  17. Robert E. Milnes

    Once the Leftists, the Libertarians and the Moderates get together to take things over then there will be no way to run the state. Sounds like you’ve just endorsed the LLAMA program!

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