U.S. Senate candidate John Mertens alerted about misleading phone polls by Linda McMahon

A press release sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

U.S. Senate candidate John Mertens has received reports of phone polls conducted for Linda McMahon that misinform voters about their choices on the ballot. West Hartford resident Giovanni Ciriani has received multiple calls from a phone number attributed to the McMahon campaign (203-413-5265 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              203-413-5265      end_of_the_skype_highlighting) that follow a script stating that Chris Dodd is retiring from his Senate seat, and asking if Mr. Ciriani would vote for Mr. Blumenthal or Ms. McMahon. When Mr. Ciriani replied that there are other choices on the ballot, the caller insisted repeatedly that “There are no other candidates”, and refused to allow him to choose a third candidate. After considerable argument, he was told that he only had two options, and the call was terminated.

“Mr. Ciriani and his wife contacted me, upset that voters who may not be informed about the race are being told that there are only two options,” said Mertens. “It is time for pollsters and candidates to stop deceiving the voters about the fact that there are alternatives to the two party system. I’ve spoken to tens of thousands of voters, and an overwhelming majority are not happy with their major party choices. Citizens understand that we need non-partisan problem-solving.”

Mertens also notes that the Quinnipiac pollsters have been guilty of nearly the same thing. “They present voters with only two choices, but then report results for Blumenthal, McMahon, or ‘some other candidate’. At the very least, they should present all three options, even if they refuse to list my name. It’s misleading, and anti-democratic.”

About John:
John Mertens earned a November ballot line for U.S. Senate at the Connecticut for Lieberman Party caucus on January 13. He is a Professor of Engineering at Trinity College, and also teaches public policy and environmental science. During the next nine weeks, Mertens will have conversations with voters around Connecticut, capturing and continuing those conversations on the social web, and building better ideas through inclusion. He presents over thirty detailed position statements and solutions to problems on his website www.mertens2010.com. Mertens can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @Mertens4Senate.

2 thoughts on “U.S. Senate candidate John Mertens alerted about misleading phone polls by Linda McMahon

  1. citizen1

    There are four options on the ballot. Warren Mosler is the Independent Party candidate. Also Brain T. Hill is a write in that is running an active campaign that includes TV ads.

  2. Julia Knowles Best

    Ballots and polling are two different things. What would the makeup of the polling be if each of the candidates who have earned a ballot line were included in all polling and debates.

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