Whitney and Cohen treated as electoral equals with a Republican in Businessweek article, Libertarian left out

In a Bloomberg Businessweek article about Illinois’ unfortunate bond situation, the Green Party’s candidate for governor Rich Whitney and independent (and former Democratic candidate for Lt. Gov.) Scott Lee Cohen were quoted in a similar fashion as their Republican opponent.  They all criticized the Democratic governor, although Whitney criticized the Republican as well:

Quinn’s opponents were quick to jump on him for the borrowing.

“The cost associated with the fiscal mismanagement not only costs us jobs but it costs us valuable resources,” Republican Bill Brady said after announcing sweetened tax credits for businesses that create new jobs.

The Green Party’s Rich Whitney said it was ironic Brady would propose tax credits for businesses while the state is drowning in red ink. Whitney blamed state officials for not taking action such as raising the income tax in a way that would protect poor and middle-class workers and give homeowners a break on property taxes.

“Doomsday is here and they keep doing the same thing,” Whitney said.

Independent candidate Scott Lee Cohen said Quinn should eliminate some special funds the state has designated for specific purposes and use that money so that it doesn’t have to pay more interest on debt.

This is noteworthy because a national news source is not just quoting third party and independent candidates, but treating them as equals with a major party candidate.  Unfortunately – although it is true that Whitney demonstrated his relevance in 2006 with a 10.4 percent showing and Cohen is a known name in Illinois politics – the article did leave out the Libertarian candidate for governor, Lex Green.

5 thoughts on “Whitney and Cohen treated as electoral equals with a Republican in Businessweek article, Libertarian left out

  1. Steven wilson

    Since the party got on the ballot, the second defense against them must now act. The media will “denounce” Lex and the others, by not covering them. In Illinois, if your not reported on, you don’t exist.

    Be your own media.

  2. Michael H. Wilson

    If one outlet, print, radio or tv doesn’t cover the campaign do a picket in front of their station with nice signs, etc. and send out a press release saying your are going to do so and make sure to call the other station, newspapers, etc. and get them to show up.

    Set up a table with coffee and danish for the press and be sure to mention in the release that the food is available at no cost to the press.

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    Very unfortunate. THE POLITICAL BASE OF OUR HOLY REVOLUTIONARY GENERAL BARACK H. OBAMA, will continue to support the home of Catholic Trotslyism, the Democratic Party, and there is nothing the Naderite interplanetary pig forces can do to stop it.

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