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Beyond Independence: The fourth, fifth or sixth parties in Minnesota’s 2010 election

Mary Turck in the Twin Cities Daily Planet (H/T Michael Cavlan):

Farheen Hakeem and Dan Dittman are listed on the ballot as Green Party candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, though they are not listed on the Green Party of Minnesota web page and did not win endorsement in the Green Party’s May convention.

The Green Party of Minnesota web page lists endorsed candidates Annie Young for State Auditor, Dan Craige for House District 59B, and two candidates for seats on the Ramsey County Soil and Water Conservation District: Gary Carlson and Vaios Eleftheriou. The Green Party has had substantial support in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Minneapolis Councilmember Cam Gordon and Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board member Annie Young are both Green elected officials in Minneapolis.

Annie Young’s candidacy for state auditor is the Green Party of Minnesota’s big hope in this election. If Young succeeds in getting five percent of the votes for auditor, the Green Party could regain major party status in Minnesota.

The Grassroots Party is also on the ballot, with Chris Wright and Edwin H. Engelmann as its candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. Historically, the Grassroots Party has focused on legalization of marijuana, and that’s still their number one issue.

The Resource Party lists Linda S. Eno and Howard B. Hanson as its candidates for governor and lieutenant governor.

The Ecology Democracy Party candidates for governor and lieutenant governor are Ken Pentel and Erin Wallace. Pentel ran for governor with Green Party endorsement in 1998, 2002 and 2006, but founded a new party to run this year.

Independents without a party

Lynne Torgerson is running against incumbent Keith Ellison in the Fifth Congressional District as “an independent.” She’s anti-abortion, pro-Israel, pro-gun, and has lots of other stands listed on her website.

Michael James Cavlan also is running against Ellison. Cavlan is running as an “Independent Progressive.” Cavlan was formerly a Green Party member, and his email still identifies him as “greenpartymike,” but he is not running with Green Party endorsement.

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  1. MN Indy MN Indy October 27, 2010

    Wait, what? So the Green ticket is a rouge one? Why didn’t Greens who wanted to run a gubernatorial ticket just get behind Pentel? What the hell is wrong with the third party left in this state?

  2. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN October 28, 2010

    MN Indy

    You should ask all those folks like myself, Ken Pentel, Brother Ray Tricomo (US Senate candidate 2002) and countless others who have left the GP. It is a sad shell of it’s former self.

    hint, the GP was IMHO infiltrated and sabotouged by the Dims. With the assistance of some Greens who didn’t want the GP to run candidates.

    seriously. They attacked and smeared candidates. I include the two GP elected officials. They were the attackers and smearers.

    Sad but true.

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