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California Alternative Parties: poll, debate, school mock elections

Ballot Access News:

Field Poll Shows California Gubernatorial “Other” Candidates at 5%

On October 28, the Field Poll released a gubernatorial poll for California. The poll did not mention all 6 candidates on the ballot. It merely asked respondents if they favor the Democratic nominee, the Republican nominee, or a minor party nominee. 5% of respondents said they favor a minor party nominee and 7% are undecided. The four California minor party gubernatorial nominees are debating each other on October 28 on the campus of California State University, Sacramento, at 1 p.m. The two major party nominees were invited but are not expected to attend.

The gubernatorial candidates not mentioned by name in the poll: Peace and Freedom Party candidate Carlos Alvarez, American Independent Party candidate Chelene Nightingale, Libertarian Party candidate Dale Ogden and Green Party candidate Laura Wells (See previous IPR story on the debate).

California Secretary of State Releases “Mock Election” Results from Some California Schools

On October 27, the California Secretary of State released the results of mock elections for Governor, U.S. Senator, and some state ballot propositions. These elections are held in many California schools. The results are from 389 schools, and involve the votes of 105,000 students. A few schools have yet to report.

For Governor, the student vote is: Jerry Brown, Democrat, 48.8%; Meg Whitman, Republican, 22.5%; Carlos Alvarez, Peace & Freedom, 15.0%; Laura Wells, Green, 5.8%; Chelene Nightingale, American Independent, 4.9%; Dale Ogden, Libertarian, 2.9%.

U.S. Senate: Barbara Boxer, Democrat, 48.5%; Carly Fiorina, Republican, 22.4%; Marsha Feinland, Peace & Freedom, 11.5%; Duane Roberts, Green, 7.3%; Edward Noonan, American Independent, 6.1%; Gail Lightfoot, Libertarian, 4.4%.

Student “mock elections” in California traditionally show more support for minor parties than is present in the electorate. In 2008, the California “mock election” for President had been: Obama, 73.8%; McCain, 20.7%; Nader, 2.4%; McKinney, 1.5%; Barr, 1.0%; Keyes, .7%.

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  1. Richard Castaldo Richard Castaldo October 28, 2010

    probably because the schools actually say who the other candidates are, the media sucks so bad they don’ t report on other candidates so people don’t know. At worst the powers that be have candidates arrested like the Green Party gubernatorial candidate recently, i’m Peace and Freedom but I think this is quite absurd abuse of power, debates should be open, PERIOD.

  2. d.eris d.eris October 28, 2010

    Looks like the children are quite fond of peace and freedom.

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