Chuck Donovan Shows His Full Commitment to Fiscal and Legislative Reform

Press release from the Chuck Donovan campaign.

ATLANTA, GA – October 28, 2010 – Chuck Donovan, Georgia’s Libertarian candidate for U.S Senate, announces his pledge to support six bills recommended by the non-partisan group Tonight he published his pledge to cosponsor and to vote “Yes” for all six of the bills.

Chuck pledged his unconditional support for the following bills: The Read the Bills Act, The One Subject at a Time Act, The Write the Laws Act, The Free Competition in Currency Act, The Enumerated Powers Act, and The Fiscal Responsibility Act. Chuck stated, “Unfortunately, all of these bills are necessary to further restrain our out of control Federal government. However, if there was a Libertarian Congress in place, simply following the Constitution and the moral principle of no theft would nearly accomplish the same thing.”

More information about the bills may be found at

Downsize DC is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization which states their mission is to establish constitutional limits, smaller government, civil liberties, federalism, and low taxes. They want to end laws and programs that don’t work, and violate the Constitution. They want to restore the full force of the 9th and 10th amendments, which reserve most social functions to the people and the states. More information on may be found at their website.

Chuck has now signed the “No Pork Pledge”, the “Death Tax Repeal Pledge”, the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”, the “Defund It” pledge, and now adds his pledge to the Downsize DC list of bills. Chuck challenges other candidates to put their names and reputations on the line the way he has.

While Senator Isakson has signed the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”, and cosponsored the Enumerated Powers Act, he has not signed the “No Pork Pledge”.

You may learn more about Chuck Donovan’s campaign at

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