Letter writer: The Case for a Moderate Third Party

From a letter to the editor of Oregon Live via TPID:

I became convinced several years ago that the only hope for our current system to accomplish anything is to form a viable third party out of the middle and let the current parties have the radicals from the fringes. With the independents and unaffiliated voters now a plurality in many states and reported to be so nationally, and most of these being moderates and centrists, there certainly exists a base large enough to form a viable “Independent Party” of moderates in the middle.

To have any impact on the body politic, it would have to field a slate of viable legislative candidates on a state and national level. A core of disgruntled legislators from the moderates of both parties would be an excellent start, giving such an effort credibility. If such a party could achieve 15 to 20 percent of elected legislators in any state or national body, supermajorities would not be possible, compromise would become necessary and things in the national interest might get done.

A lone-wolf candidate running for president or governor might give us vent for our frustrations, but won’t accomplish anything without legislators to have an impact on the lawmaking process. If you think this is all a pipe dream, you haven’t been paying attention to what is going on across the puddle in the UK.

The Dalles

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  1. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    The Eighth US Parliament
    8/6/2008 to 8/5/2012

    Prime Ministers:
    Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian], Ralph Hoffmann [Democratic-Republican], and Mary J. Ruwart [Libertarian]

    James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] and David Olkkola [Democratic]

    100 Elected Members of the Parliament (MPs)

    Libertarian Party – 22 Members of Parliament (MPs)
    Gail Lightfoot, Michael Badnarik, Mary J. Ruwart, Starchild, Ned Roscoe, Richard Winger, Gary Nolan, Cory Nott, Lawrence Samuels, Kristi Stone, Doug Tuma, Aaron Starr, Gabriella Douglas, Mark Hinkle, William J. Wagoner, Dwight Bailey, Richard Vinable, Aarde Atheian, Alex Plewniak, Howard Stern, Bob Barr, Zachary Scott Gordon [American Libertarian]

    Parties with One Seat – 16 MPs
    Vanessa Morley [Defender of the Republic], Darryl W. Perry [Boston Tea], Pat Buchanan [Reform], Orion Karl Daley [Balanced], Noam Chomsky [New], Mike Bogatirev [Environmentalist], Michale Treeplanter [Co-Operative], Michael Davis [Natural Law], David Frey [Socialist USA/California], Mark P. Steele [Discordian], Eric Charles [Orwellian], Michael Looney [Houseless], Eric Stevenson [Pizza], Lloyd Llewellen [Flying Saucer], John Coffey [Unity08] and Mike Banon [Skateboard]

    Green Party – 14 MPs
    Winona Laduke, David Cobb, Medea Benjamin, Mike Nelson, Susan Estes, Kevin Clark [Green/Libertarian], Patrick Purcell, Thomas Leavitt, Mike Rogers, Tad Robinson, Michael Grazian, Gary Swing, Brett Johnsen, Dinah Coffman

    Democratic Party – 9 MPs
    Dennis Kucinich, PRAVDA McCroskey, David Olkkola, Al Gore, Barbara Boxer, John Edwards, Jerry Brown, Victor Cantu, Ralph Hoffmann [Democratic-Republican]

    Independent – 8 MPs
    Arianna Huffington, Rob Elliott, Dale Gieringer, John Anderson, Kat Penisten, Michael Moore, Casper Leitch, Ralph Nader

    Republican Party – 8 MPs
    Ron Paul, Jim Doyle, Colin Powell, John McCain, Lani Guinier, Arnold Swarzenegger, Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Peron

    Pot Party – 5 MPs
    Nate Brown, Myra Fourwinds, Sister Somayah [Pot / Nigritian Kief], Brandon Garcia, Scott Comings

    Free Parliamentary Party – 4 MPs
    Laura Booth, Marcellius Smith [Parliament], Daniel Penisten [Free Parliament] and James Ogle

    Marijuana Party – 3 MPs
    Sabrina Melicia, Kelly Russell, J. Roach

    Peace and Freedom Party – 3 MPs
    Jan Tucker, Maureen Smith, Stewart Alexander

    Comedy Central – 2 MPs
    Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart Info.

    Not Avail. – 2 MPs
    Clint Eastwood, Woody Harrelson

    Radical Revolutionary Party – 2 MPs
    Annie Garner, Jennifer Perkins

    Constitution Party – 2 MPs
    Michael Peroutka and Don J. Grundmann

    Total: 100 Members of Parliament (MPs)

    President Ron Paul [Republican]
    Vice President Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian]

    Updated on August/15/2010

  2. Best We Can Do? [Lake]


    Late-night comics happy to joke about Barack Obama ——— Charles Dharapak, File

    Late-night comics are over any initial reluctance to make President Barack Obama the butt of their jokes.

    The Center for Media and Public Affairs found that Obama was the most joked-about political figure this year through Labor Day.

    The Washington-based think tank said Friday that Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon joked about Obama a total of 309 times. Sarah Palin, with 137, was a distant second.

    That’s in line with the level of jokes levied at Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Comics initially had a difficult time zeroing in on Obama – he was fourth behind John McCain, Bush and Palin as a butt of jokes during the year he was elected president.

    The center says most Obama jokes portray him as disinterested or ineffective. Much of them are tied to policy.

    Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/10/29/2369717/late-night-comics-happy-to-joke.html#ixzz1422ktigj

  3. paulie Post author

    I was going to write one of my usual brilliat comments here

    Well, I guess if no one else will toot your horn for you, you just have to do it yourself. Although, not necessarily in full public view.

  4. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    …well I guess everyone around here is going to sit in their hands while we lose 2500 “soldiers” today? We may have a few road blocks, but our team isn’t just going to sit here and take it on the chin. We’re going to find a way off this beach, because we’re in confusion disarray and our numbers are being rapidly diminished!

    Our team isn’t shooting for anything, except for working together as a team. If you like that, then we welcome you. As 100 bodies on a beach we’re going to keep losing for a long time. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to keep trying to move forward. We may be losing friends left and right, but we have the best plan for succeeding.

    We’re going to elect a five member squad of the best “bunker specialists” as soon as we get some people who can hear despite the bombs, bullets and rockets. Nunns included.

    The problem is everyone is beating around the bush, dancing around instead of coordinating.

    They’re investing their fuel/time/ammo into media attention, seeking money and debate.

    What we’re doing over at The USA Parliament, Inc., is using (e)ballots cast as proof since the first foot was set on this beach, on August 1, 1995.

    Each (e)ballot cast is like an automatic machine gun, with consecutive ranked names beginning with the number one, instead of bullets.

    We want you to join the battle, and fire your rounds! Don’t worry, I’ll be glad to show you how, and you’ve probably never done this before. Just feel free to email or call, and I’ll be glad to tell you more.

    Thanks for the interest…so you at the glorious victory in 150,000 years in the future, the Battle of the Bulge!

    The Central California Mini-state Parliament

    Sainte-LagueParliamentary eat Distribution
    100 MMPs
    MMP= member of ministate parliament

    8/6/2007 to 8/5/2011
    Updated on 9/10/2009

    Libertarian Party27 MMPs
    Gail LightfootMary J RuwartStarchildKristi StoneGabiella DouglasCasey AplanalpMarian SmithsonLawrence SamuelsDonna TelloRichard WingerMarie HuynhMichael BadnarikDwight BaileyArt OlivierAlex PlewniakKevin Takenaga E. Kent Hinesley Mike BadgerPaul AmnuaypayoatDave LeBlancV.R. CarltonByron StephensMichael MettiDale OgdenKenneth WeismanTony MonroeSteve Kubby

    Parties With One Seat 20 MMPs
    David Frey [Socialist] Darryl W.Perry[Boston Tea]Rainbow Vogt[Rock Star]Kevin Gorman [NORML]Bob Berry [Whig]Zachary ScottGordon [AmericanCentrist] John Bergamini[Food Not Bombs]Sterling [Hemp] Lee Martin [Humanist]Alan Archuleta[Decline to State]Joseph Stegner [Evolution of Creation] Annie Garner[Radical Revolutionary]Jack Harrison[Peace and Freedom]Amy Wilson [Shaminist]Jack Lee [Pizza]Karessa Testa[Anarchist]Eddy Lepp[Nonpartisan]Joseph Love [NE14AJ]Allen McKinney [Open]Eric Charles[Orwellian]

    Democratic Party 11 MMPs
    Richard CaldwellJerry BrownLynnette ShawDNARalph HoffmannJim WinterGavin NewsomMike StanleyJohn GaramondiBrian JonesPRAVDA McCroskey

    Republican Party 11 MMPs
    Jodell BumatayRon PaulJim DoyleLani GuinierCondolezza RiceTom Del BeccaroTom McClintockMeg WhitmanTom McCampbellLawrennce ReedCynthia Van Auken

    Green Party 9 MMPs
    Susan EstesMadonna PriceWinona LadukeElisa ClarkCraig PetersonTyson BarkerForrest HillMahul ThakkerVD Hales[Green-Pot-Christ]

    Pot Party 7 MMPs
    Jim CruiseBouhlod KhembisaiGwendolyn CramsieMyra FourwindsLynn Wilson [Pot/Hemp]Jorge Gonzales Scott Baier

    Independent 4 MMPs
    Judith SchreuderJeff NovakKim WestCory West

    Marijuana Party4 MMPs
    Sebrina MeliciaJames Barbee[Free Marijuana]David PayneKelly Russell

    CPU420 Party3 MMPs
    Misty LoveGladys DuncanNancy Stanley

    Discordian Party2 MMPs
    Joshua NortonChad Van Schoelandt

    Free ParliamentaryParty 2 MMPs
    James Ogle Adrian Hickman[Parliament]

    Total – 100 MMPs

  5. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    Actually, the one above was the Nor Cal Mini-state Parliament. My apologies. (Just in case anyone actually gave a damn.)

    THIS one is the Central California Mini-state Parliament;

    The Central California Mini-state Parliament

    Fresno, Inyo, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, Monterey, San Benito, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Tuolumne Counties

    100 Members of Mini-state Parliament (MMPs)
    8/6/2007 to 8/5/2011

    Prime Ministers
    Elizabeth Torrez [Pot], Edlyn Alanis [Pot] and Ceilia Barajas [Pot]
    Mike Bogatirev [Environmentalist] and Jane Heider [Libertarian]

    President Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian]Vice President Ron Paul [Republican]

    Parties with One Seat – 24 Members of Mini-State Parliament (MMPs)
    Ron Paul [Republican], John Buchanan [Citizen Candidate], Vanessa Morley [Defender of the Republic], Darryl W. Perry [Boston Tea], Don J. Grundmann [American Independent], Ron Coolidge [Non-pot-smoking Christians], Michael Savage [Old Testament], Jared Casias [Nonpolitical], Dr. Loveless [National Barking Spider Resurgence], Lori Bobko [None], Lloyd Llewellyn [Flying Saucer], Alex Bogatirev [Fungus], Herb [affiliated], Kyle Buchoff [Alpha-Strike Squared], Colipse Dekrin [Bong], Kayla Maiorana [Buddha], Robert Bruce [Four-twenty], Heather McLeskey [Hemp], Kristine Goodwin [Hempess], Andrew Lamb [Huffle Puffel], Joseph Love [NE14AJ] Sonne Reyna [One World], Lucian Myron [Polyglot], David Frey [Socialist]

    Pot Party – 16 MMPs
    Jason Sherry [Pot/Anarchist], Cecelia Barajas, Jorge Gonzalez, Elizabeth Torrez, Edlyn Alanis, Michael Bailey, Mario Castellaros, David Coronado, Lucille Fowler, Mike Schoennoehl, Matt Skipwith, Richie Childers, Andrea Cruz, Kristine Danska, Josh Francis and Memo Gonzales

    Libertarian Party – 9 MMPs
    Gail Lightfoot, Brandon Smith, Cory Nott, James Freedner, Marie Huynh, Lazarus, Kevin Takenaga, Daniel Imperato and Loretta Nall [Libertarian/Marijuana]

    Green Party – 8 MMPs
    Oliver Bates, Shasta McDowell, Gwen Green, Kephas Haines, Dan Homer, Carolyn L. Miller, Rachel Kupperman and Kim Corbin

    Marijuana Party – 7 MMPs
    Kevin Cruz, Eric Myrtle, Kevin Fitzgerald, Michael Gruber, Ben Sanders, Curtis Rivers, Eldridge Shelton

    Info. Not Avail. – 4 MMPs
    Richard Chereton, Laura, Don Barletta, James Carl

    Peace and Freedom Party – 3 MMPs
    Norma Harrison, Christine Woyatzky and Susan Cruz

    Environmentalist Party – 3 MMPs
    Anthony W. Robinson, Patrick Seats, Maria LeBlanc [Environmentalist Marijuana]

    All of the Above – 2 MMPs
    Rob Pace and George Raptis

    Chronic Party – 2 MMPs
    Anthony Morris and Damian Wallace

    Democratic Party – 2 MMPs
    Dale Rutledge and Ron Slack

    Discordian Party – 2 MMPs
    Chad Van Schoelandt and Joshua Norton

    Goodness of Ganja Party – 2 MMPs
    Erik Langslet and Pat Conlan

    Independents – 2 MMPs
    Bob Friedman and Mathew Hellinger

    Musician Party – 2 MMPs
    Kyle Good and JR Damon [Musician/Skateboard]

    Parliamentary – 2 MMPs
    James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] and Laura Booth

    WWE – 2 MMPs
    John Cena and Umaga

    Total – 100 MMPs
    Updated on 9/9/2009

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