Libertarian, Anti-Prohibition Parties Win New York Ballot Case

Background story with link to brief at Ballot Access News: here.

from Ballot Access News
Libertarian, Anti-Prohibition Parties Win New York Ballot Case

October 23rd, 2010

On October 22, a US District Court in New York struck down the discriminatory law on fusion. The judge ordered the state to let Randy Credico appear on both lines: the Libertarian line and the Anti-Prohibition line. [For Senator from NY]

excerpt from the previous Ballot Access News Story:

…The New York law says when a qualified party and an unqualified party jointly nominate a candidate for statewide office, that candidate is printed on the ballot twice, and a voter can choose which label to support. But when two unqualified parties jointly nominate someone, the candidate’s name can be printed only once (although both party labels are next to the candidate’s name, in small print)…

6 thoughts on “Libertarian, Anti-Prohibition Parties Win New York Ballot Case

  1. Be Rational

    This is a big year for the New York LP.


    Warren Redlich is leading the way, and this looks like it will be the breakthrough year when the NY LP finally wins ballot status.

    Cuomo is corrupt and Paladino is unqualified and unfit, so many voters are turning to Redlich.

    Having Rany Credico appear on two lines should help as well.

    More corruption news today regarding NY Controller Thomas DiNapoli should help in Redlich’s small government means less corruption campaign.

    Things are truly looking up for the LP in 2010 and beyond.

  2. Richard Cooper

    It would be more accurate to say Randy Credico won a decision which benefits both parties. He had the legal assistance of former Nassau Libertarian Party chair Gary Donoyan.

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