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Mexican American Political Association Endorses Four California Statewide Peace & Freedom Party Nominees

Ballot Access News:

The Mexican American Political Association is a 50-year old California political organization. It is non-partisan but it endorses candidates in California elections. This year it has endorsed the Peace & Freedom Party nominees for four of the eight statewide partisan races. It has endorsed Marylou Cabral for Secretary of State, Karen Martinez for Controller, Debra Reiger for Treasurer, and Dina Padilla for Insurance Commissioner. For the other four statewide partisan races, MAPA endorsed the Democratic nominees.

MAPA’s web page is The preamble to the list of endorsements says, “The gap between wealth and poverty has not been as extreme since the 1890s, and it is only getting worse. The political challenge presented to all Latino and non-Latino organizations, typically tied to the Democratic Party, is the sad reality that the political party in power with majorities at the state and national level not observed since the 1970s has continued to pursue economic and social policies not in accord with its own core constituencies. Having said that, we are not confident that the Democratic Party in California or nationally will do anything beyond managing the crisis for big capital at the continued expense of working people.”

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  1. Sandi Trend Sandi Trend October 31, 2010

    In my meeting Dina Padilla a few years ago; I have NEVER CEASED to be amazed at the determination Dina has to “RIGHT” the “WRONGS” that have been inflicted on the “little guy”, WE the ordinary people – that backbone of America.

    Dina has, throughout the years, been “OUR VOICE” and stood up and exposed the corruption found within governmental; agencies; both Federal and state… which includes the California Department of Insurance.

    Dina has NEVER wavered in her quest and fight for justice on behalf of WE, the PEOPLE.

    Dina has NO financial ties, NOR conflicts of interest that would cause her to be “biased” in her role of Insurance Commissioner for the state of California. ***IS THIS THE REASON THE DEMOCRATS AND THE REPUBLICANS DON’T WANT HER INCLUDED IN DEBATES?***

    I will be voting for Dina Padilla in the 2010 election; and am honored to do so, because I KNOW that Dina’s interests are “FOR THE PEOPLE”.

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