PA Green state rep. candidate Hugh Giordano endorsed by teachers’ union, promises to give 10% of salary to education

From Montgomery Media (disclosure: I’m a volunteer on Giordano’s campaign):

Hugh Giordano, the independent Green Party candidate in the 194th District is making waves in this election and continues to shock and amaze. This week, the Green Party candidate made a huge announcement in which Giordano promises to give back 10 percent of his salary to the school system.

“I want to make sure that students have the tools they need in the classroom to learn, and to become productive young adults. I will not sit back and let kids suffer,” said Giordano. Giordano feels that public education has been on the back burner too long and wants to tackle the issue head on…

..Giordano has such a strong stance for ensuring that public education is funded and teachers and students are given the respect they deserve, that he was endorsed by AFT Local 2026 and promises to work with community leaders on this issue.

“I cannot do this alone. I need the community, especially the parents, to stand with me and help me fight against the greed and selfishness so that we can provide great education starting from the very beginning, when children enter pre-school, all the way up to the time they are a seniors in high school.”

Giordano will give back 10 percent of his salary to schools by getting students involved.

Students will be asked to compose an essay on topics such as, “ How can I make my community better” and “Why is education important to my future”. Giordano will then choose one essay each month and award the student and the classroom with a check from his own pocket to buy supplies for the classroom.

The part of the article that I cut out mostly has to do with Giordano’s specific opinions on education issues.

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