Robert Owens (CP-OH) Files Ethics Complaint Against Democrat Opponent

Robert Owens has filed an ethics complaint against his Democrat opponent for AG. Here is the story from Owens’ website:

Cordray Campaign Finance Antics Nothing New

Robert M. Owens, candidate for the office of Attorney General of Ohio, issues the following in the wake of an Ohio Elections Commission complaint which he has filed against current Attorney General Richard Cordray.

“My opponent, Rich Cordray, looks to be engaging in potentially illegal actions in relation to campaign finance laws,” stated candidate Owens.  “Perhaps we will see another major campaign finance and ethics conviction associated with the Cordray campaign, similar to his dealings with Montford Will in the 2008 cycle.”

According to Owens’ Ohio Elections Commission complaint, Cordray transferred over $750,000 from his 2008 campaign balance to state and county Democratic Party organizations in an apparent effort to skirt Ohio’s “excess funds” law, which will not allow more than $200,000 to be transferred from one race to another.  Should the Ohio Elections Commission find Cordray in violation of this Ohio campaign law, the penalty includes Cordray being removed from the ballot.  Cordray is the Ohio Democratic Party candidate for Attorney General in this November’s general election.

“Again, Rich Cordray wants to skirt Ohio’s laws.  First, I exposed the pay-to-play situation between him and banker Montford Will while Cordray was state treasurer; now I am exposing another instance of where money is more important than staying within the law” noted Owens.  “My candidacy focuses on integrity and accuracy, qualities I believe Ohio voters want and deserve, and which I believe I will best be able to deliver as Ohio’s next Attorney General.”

Owens, Ohio Constitution Party candidate for Attorney General, is a practicing attorney in Delaware, Ohio.  His campaign has received endorsements from the Ohio Tea Party PAC, Family First PAC, the Ohio Coalition of Concerned Black Citizens, along with numerous county organization endorsements.  His campaign information can be accessed at

9 thoughts on “Robert Owens (CP-OH) Files Ethics Complaint Against Democrat Opponent

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    And the Democans and the Republicrats, fine folks, just fine folks ………. *sarcasm*

    With Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman running neck and neck in the California governor’s race, political junkies were waiting for an “X-factor” — an unplanned or unexpected event that would alter campaign dynamics. Maybe this is it.

    Gloria Allred, a Los Angeles [California] attorney and incorrigible publicity hound, dropped a stink bomb last week on [GOP] Whitman: A former housekeeper who was an illegal immigrant claims that the candidate and her husband knew it and treated her shabbily.

    [GOP] Whitman immediately went into Defcon [Defense Configuration, a missile term] 1 mode. She released the false documents that housekeeper Nicky Diaz Santillan submitted when beginning work in her Atherton home and denied Allred’s allegation.

    Whitman said she fired Diaz Santillan in June 2009 when the housekeeper confessed her illegal status.

    And Thursday, with husband Griff Harsh by her side, she charged, “[Dem] Gloria Allred and the [Dem Royalty] Brown campaign are doing a massive smear campaign on me and my family.”

    Minutes later, however, Allred struck back, releasing a 2003 letter to Whitman and Harsh from the Social Security Administration, saying that Diaz Santillan’s Social Security number didn’t match its records.

    The letter has a handwritten note — from Harsh, Allred said — saying, “Nicky please check this. Thanks.”

    Read more:

  2. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Whitman has argued that one way to address illegal immigration is to hold employers accountable for hiring workers who are not in the country legally.

    Whitman says that Diaz originally showed her paperwork that later turned out to be false.

    On the larger issue of what to do about illegal immigrants, Brown wants to offer the millions in the United States a path to citizenship, while Whitman supports a guest worker program but no citizenship for those in the country illegally.


    The former CEO tried to keep returning the debate to the economy, arguing that her business background would let her end political gridlock, close a $20 billion budget deficit, and turn around failing schools.

    California Democrats outnumber Republicans, and Whitman is seen needing at least a significant minority of some traditional Democratic groups to win the November 2 election.

    “I cannot win the governor’s race without the Latino vote,” she said at the beginning of the debate.

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