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The Federalist Party in 2017

This email was forwarded to me. I am not yet on their email list.

This new year has brought about a combination of hope and fear in America. As Federalists, we share both perspectives. There is hope in hearing about a few plans to reduce government power, but there is also concern that these reductions will be mere tokens compared to the planned perpetuation of government overreach as well as increases in the federal budget.… Read more ...

Third Party Article at Reason

This article on the obstacles to success for third parties was posted recently at The article is by Matt Welch.

The unprecedentedly bizarre presidential election we have just survived taught us many unpleasant lessons. Among the most startling was the extent to which, even in a year dominated by voter revulsion at the two leading candidates, the two-party mindset nonetheless continued to maintain a powerful magnetic pull on the actions and reactions of so many people.

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Constitution Party Presidential Vote Totals: 2012 vs. 2016

Here is a link comparing the vote totals for Darrell Castle this cycle vs. Virgil Goode in 2012. Some write-ins votes are yet to be reported, but so far Castle has 194,685 compared to 122,207 for Goode in 2012. The link is from a letter from Constitution Party Chairman Frank Fluckiger which I will post separately.… Read more ...

Reform Party Releases Official Statement on Presidential Nominee

The following is from the Reform Party website:

The Reform Party has chosen Roque “Rocky” de la Fuente as its presidential contender. Between Rocky’s campaign and party efforts, Roque de la Fuente and the Reform Party have successful put together approximately twenty five ballot lines, but hope to establish ballot access in up to forty-two states.… Read more ...

The Reform Party Nominates “Rocky” de la Fuente for President

The Reform Party has announced on its Facebook page that it has nominated “Rocky” de la Fuente for President. This was announced today after an executive session that ran late into the night last night. An official statement from the Reform Party is expected to be forthcoming.

An Independent Challenger is Still Likely

After the tepid reaction to the David French trial balloon and the failure of the NeverTrump forces to attract a “big name” candidate, their focus seemed to shift to stopping presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump at the Convention with a delegate coup, so to speak. According to this article at The Federalist, however, there are still active plans to field an independent challenger spearheaded by an organization called Better for America.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Georgia Nominates Darrell Castle, Dr. Paul Broun for Presidential Ticket

Below is a press release from the Constitution Party of Georgia:

ATLANTA, GA – The Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) held its state convention on June 10th in McDonough. As expected, members selected Darrell Castle, the keynote speaker and Constitutional attorney from Tennessee, as its Presidential nominee.

In a surprise move the members also unanimously nominated Dr.… Read more ...

Bill Kristol Confirms that Potential Independent #NeverTrump Candidate is National Review Writer David French

Bloomberg was the first to report that National Review writer David French is the potential candidate that Bill Kristol hinted about in a Memorial Day weekend tweet. Kristol confirmed to CNN that the potential candidate is indeed French.

Bill Kristol Tweets There Will be an Independent Challenger to Trump and Hillary

As many of you may know, Bill Kristol and several other prominent “mainstream” conservatives have been searching for a movement conservative approved candidate to challenge Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the general election, an effort they are calling the Renegade Party. Heretofore, they have struggled to find a willing candidate.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Convention Open Thread

By request I have started a Constitution Party Convention open thread so people can post about the Convention as it is ongoing. We have at least two commentors who are there live. Please discuss.

Robert Stark Interviews Independent Presidential Candidate Kyle Kopitke

Robert Stark interviews independent presidential candidate Kyle Kopitke on this edition of Stark Truth Radio.

Tom Hoefling is Seeking the Constitution Party Presidential Nomination

The following appeared on the Constitution Party Candidates FaceBook page. It appears here with the permission of Mr. Hoefling. The original article can be found at Mr. Hoefling’s website.

Greetings to all Constitution Party patriots and friends,

For those who don’t know me, my name is Tom Hoefling, of Iowa.

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