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West Hartford News profiles noted activist running as Green for Congress in CT

From the West Hartford News (read the full thing here):

WEST HARTFORD — If anything, getting arrested for snapping photos of Governor M. Jodi Rell during her 2007 inaugural parade reaffirmed a lot of political ambitions for Ken Krayeske, now a candidate for Congress in the state’s First Congressional District.

Krayeske was managing Cliff Thornton’s Green Party campaign for governor at the time, the first black gubernatorial candidate in Connecticut history. State police arrested Krayeske, and he spent time at the bullpen in Hartford lock-up, pacing around frantically and getting weird looks from fellow prisoners.

“I’ve been arrested for being a Green,” he said. Once that happened, he never thought about not being a member of the Green Party again…

Krayeske has misgivings about a lot of things, and he isn’t hesitant to talk about them, whether as a journalist, a law clerk, or now, his new gig, trying to revive a legitimate third party system in Connecticut with the Green Party. He’s got qualms with income disparities, where the top 1 percent own 42 percent of the wealth in this country, he said.

Currently practicing commercial litigation out of Meriden, Krayeske is running against Republican Ann Brickley of Wethersfield and Socialist Christopher Hutchinson. But the candidate in his way is John Larson, the extremely popular incumbent and fourth-ranking Democrat in the United States Congress, in office since 1999. According to Krayeske, the heavily Democratic First District is “gerry-meandered” to Larson’s favor.

Krayeske’s campaign has raised $6,400 since Aug. 28. That’s not a lot of money in a political environment that is designed to work according to how much money you are able to raise for your election. “Larson raises that in three paychecks,” Krayeske said. A native of East Hartford, Larson recently dropped over $46,000 combined at Mohegan and Foxwoods casinos for campaign fundraisers.

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