Andrew Gray for Kansas Governor 2010 Team Looks to Future

About fifty excited supporters gathered with Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate, Andrew Gray, and his running mate, Stacey Davis, to watch history made as Kansas gave birth to a third major political party. As the hours rolled by it became more obvious that the team would fall short of its goal of receiving 5% of the statewide vote for Kansas Governor. Instead they received 3%, with the strongest showing in the counties around Topeka, where both candidates live, and in Stacey Davis’ childhood home of Haskell County.

Davis says that while the results were disappointing, there are factors that prove the Libertarian Party of Kansas’ claim to the title of the fastest growing party in Kansas. First, their campaign received more than twice as many votes as there are registered Libertarians in the state of Kansas. He says this lends proof to the idea that the principles of the Libertarian Party are the principles of Kansans. Also, the Gray/Davis campaign spent less than $0.25 for every vote they received. He compares this spending to their opponents’ spending: $2.5 spent per vote cast for Holland and $5.5 per vote spent by Brownback. “We were definitely the most fiscally responsible campaign out there. We accomplished with a single quarter what our opponents spent dollars to get done.”

Gray says that while this campaign is over, it is one more step in the growth of the Libertarian Party of Kansas. “Now it’s time for me to take off the hat of candidate and focus exclusively on my role as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Kansas (LPKS). This campaign has tremendously expanded statewide awareness of the LPKS. In the coming months, we’ll continue to build upon that awareness and continue to add membership to the Libertarian Party. We’ll keep standing for the principle of Liberty in our neighborhoods, communities, and state. We’ll keep fighting the good fight and we will not back down. Our goal is to elect Libertarians in 2012, and we began planning for that last night.”

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